_of You Were The Reason Why...

Dear You,

 You were the reason why...

1. I deactivated my Facebook account.

2. I re-activated my Facebook account.

3. I deactivated it again.

4. I re-activated it. Again. And again. And again...

5. I always cry when I watch love-themed movies.

6. I like love-themed songs like Speak Now, One Time and The Things You Never Know.
7. I continue to like law.

8. I do not want to take CLP.

9. I want to go overseas.

10. I don't want to come back.

11. Age is not a matter to me anymore.

12. Neither do religions.

I put my family aside.

My legs always hurt.

15. I rarely take medicinal pills anymore. Even when it hurts. A lot.
16. I've got to know Q.L. better.

17. I've got to know myself better.

18. I changed my clothing style.

19. And my way of thinking, too.

20. I liked white.

21. I turned back to black.

22. I rarely speak to other guys.

23. I choose my friends carefully.

24. I sometimes cry at night. Thinking of you.

My heart hurts sometimes.

26. My hand was bruised on the day you were involved in that accident/fight.

27. My ribcage, legs and waist were hurt on the same day, too.

28. I consider myself stupid because I cannot forget you.

29. I blame myself for making hopes high.

I bought Mr. Sammy in the first place.

31. I like and dislike December at the same time.

32. I always look outside the window of the bus to look at car plates.

33. I do not learn how to drive.

34. I put a high standard over those who drive.

35. I find the skill of driving Zen-like is very important.

36. I like people who act cute...

37. but laughed to near death when Q.L. did it.

38. I always went back home quite late last time.

39. I think some swear words can be funny.

40. I created a new email account.

41. I never opened my old account anymore.

42. I believed in true love and happy endings.

43. I do not believe in true love and happy endings anymore.

44. I turned down my ex and the on-off relationship of 4-6 years.

45. I learned to become straightforward.

46. I write this, before I deny the things in here.

On the other hand...

  I was never the reason you did everything you did. Isn't that right?

P.S. This post is a bit weird, I know. But there are some things that I want to say out loud (or write, if you like), before it is too late. After all, SOME lawyers (and future ones like us) do have massive egos.

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