_of Sunway Medical Centre (Trip 2)

  A normal morning.

  A normal early morning.

  A normal very early morning, around 7:55am, in fact.

 -> There is something quirky about the fact that I am beginning to feel like the "Favourite Customer of the Month" in this place. And there is also something unpleasant about having to tell your Lecturers that you are going to miss classes again for the umpteenth time.

 -> But do not judge me by the way I behaved this month. Imagine, for once, that you suddenly feeling nauseous and nearly vomit in the college, without no apparent reason. Surely you will be panicked.

Won't you?

 -> I was consulted by a doctor who was a bit on the quirky side himself. There is something scary about the way a doctor behaves when he or she cannot find what is wrong with you. 

 -> He smiled (yes, he did). And smiled. And smiled. And told you that everything was caused by the meds you took earlier.
Now. Will that sounds assuring to you?

 -> And coupled with the fact that he wrote you 5 (FIVE!!!) prescriptions with long and unpronounceable names which doctors are famous for.

 -> And asked you to stay outside for a while because he really REALLY really couldn't find what was wrong with you, except confirming the fact that you were:

(a) having a fever of 37.28 Celcius.
(b) having rashes all over the body (mostly hands), inexplicably.
(c) having more problems after seeing a doctor of their own the previous week.

-> And the doctor thought that MAYBE, just maybe, you might have dengue.

So now, will YOU not be worried too?

--- Gruesome pictures next --- 

 -> And trust me, you will not like the feeling of being surprised when the smiling doctor told you that you were going to take ANOTHER blood test ON THE SPOT. Plus a urine test. P.S. There will be no pics of urine here. That is WAY too disgusting.

 -> It has the uncanny feeling of being a turtle, caught eating some cabbages (or carrots, in fact) in the spotlight.

 -> When the vet asked you NOT to eat cabbages or carrots for a while.

 -> This is how my hand looked like NINE hours after the blood test.

Nine, people. NINE freaking hours.
And after a deep sleep.


*whining whining*

 -> Thank God, everything was normal. All tests came back negative.

 -> But why am I so NOT happy? Coz it is the fact that the doctor, after that many hours, STILL could not find what was wrong with me.

 -> And give me a new prescription.

Pills to stop nausea.

Now. Can anyone tell me what is the sole reason of me NOT trusting hospitals, clinics, the doctors and those others in the health profession?

P.S.: Queen Lipas is worst. She is diagnosed as being pregnant.


And the hand still hurts. A LOT. T_T 

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