_of Being Followed in a Blog

"When I Am Down"
  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... I've recently put up the "Followers" section at the end of the blog, and I just found out that NO ONE* follows me, NOT even Q.L. 

P.S.: Q.L.'s saying - "But I follow you secretly" doesn't even justify her action. Err, or the lack of it.

*[Updated on 25/02/2011: A few people followed me thus far. Thanks, people!!] ^_^

  So, just to "kind of" incite you to Follow my blog, these are a few things about me that you might be interested in...

_of Ten Things About Me that might just let me be a teeny bit interesting to you...

1. I am currently studying law course in a campus. (Let's not call it a "campus" again, coz it is really small.)

This is a hell-of-a-brilliant-plan if we still have MCQs.

2. I have 2 housemates and one roommate. Housemates are rarely included in my blog, except when they annoy me much (or when they are being hilarious, like today). 

  However, my roommate is Q.L. (Kudos for those who guessed it right.) No matter how much I blasted Q.L. in my blog, the fact is that I really REALLY really treat her right in real-life. No, I am not lying, you can ask her about it. But, a word of caution - She bites.

This is how she looks, when she is in her Good Mood.

3. And no, I am not a lesbian. Just in case you are still not persuaded, you can check my last few entries. They were all about a guy I had a crush on (and I have to say, I am really proud of myself, coz the feeling lasted a VERY LONG time), but nothing came out from That Crush. And that I am so heartbroken, that I need time to heal my wound.

Can you see Q.L. heals this? I will NOT even trust her with a paper bag.

4. I have a big family. However, we don't live together as a whole big family. Half of them are working somewhere in other places, and it is hard to gather around the Old House, even during the festive days.

Minus the Dog. I never have a Dog in my entire life. But you can change it to a box of little chicks, three big rabbits, or even a NOT-talkative parrot.

5. I have a deep interest in writing. Story-telling, actually. And, I am known to have a very sarcastic way of speaking - at least, to those few who are VERY close to me. But I am really nice, really. At least I don't bite, NOT like Q.L.

I am trying to achieve this level of language proficiency/eloquence.
In NO circumstances do this reflect my current situation. This is merely an illustration.

6. Q.L. is NOT the only person I know in my entire life. *roll eyes* (I am not that reclusive, you know.) But since my other friends live/study in different places, we hardly get together, and as I seldom go back to my hometown, I hardly see them at all these days.


7. I am rigid, I do admit. Once, my friends even claimed that I have the opinions of a VERY OLD, LOGICAL, and REALISTIC lady. They got me on the word "OLD".

Weeeeeeeeee... So, this is me, then?

8. No, I am not THAT old. How OLD can a person be? 926 years old? Number is just a diversion, it is not the main thing that makes you the way you are now.

This cartoon is in no way related to the above statement.

9. I am really bad at Maths.

Not this bad.

THIS bad.

  You might think that there is nothing wrong with it, but sometimes it is really a disadvantage. Q.L. and my other friends are EXCELLENT in Maths. I don't know, maybe I missed the memo for the Advanced Maths class last few years.

10. And last but not least, I am REALLY friendly.

With my current "Lion King" mane, this is an understatement.

  So there you have it, the Top Ten Facts of Me. I guess now everyone will be scared/terrified/horrified/petrified of me that they run away faster than I say "Thank you".



  1. ok2...i be ur new follower ok..hehe...btw,haiii there...

  2. Thank you...

    And hi there to you, too. ^_^

  3. @Chii: Thank you. Err. Should I say "thank you"? Hahhahaha...

  4. Lol, nice post! Know you a little bit more by now. You should introduce maybe 20 more things about yourself. ;)

  5. Thanks, Techie. Maybe I will, next time.

  6. ai follow..dont tell Q.L hehehe

  7. Hi, AJ. Thanks, don't worry, I won't. *wink*