_of Being In a Savage Mood

  See, I had karate-d Q.L. the other day because I was being very savage-y. Yes. That's how I react these days, even went to the extreme by switching off my phone for a few weeks. (Haha! See if you can contact me NOW, you slimy, greenish, caterpillar thing!)

  I know. I have gone mad. And since I am in a Savage Mood, I guess this will only be appropriate.

 More "Chickens on Sticky Notes" can be found in Savage Chicken

  I like this cartoon coz they are often ridiculously funny and yet, eerily reflect some of the weirdest people around. It surely can lighten the broken hearts.

--And now I am blabbing. And I shall continue for a while.--

  See. Q.L. knows of a disease which has the same symptoms as I am having now. She called it Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. I call it "Please-stop-the Madness System". And that is how I am going to live my life for these two weeks. 

Anyhow. Happy Christmas for those celebrating it. I am sure I will not. 

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