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When the Lunar New Year ends, so do the movies.

  Just to get into the groove mood, Q.L. and I went cinema-hopping. As this is a post about the CNY movies, I have included pictures of bunnies inside. Just so you know.

Not pictured: a Bunny.
And now is the time for:

Movie Review!!!

by the ever-so-famous Miss Bunny of the Year:

Err. That is totally a fashion no-no.


All right. We are back with Miss Bunny of the Year:

Let's just ignore the fact that this Bunny is often portrayed as a MALE bunny.
-At least, ignore it for the sake of this post.-

  Back to the main point, reviews of THREE (!!!) CNY movies released recently (in my own particular rating of like/dislike). You might feel differently (as I am sure you would) but hey, don't shoot the blogger, shoot the movie producer!

1. Mr. and Mrs. Incredible

You might not see it clearly, but that is Louis Koo and 吴君如.

My rating:

  Yep. This is what happened. I'm sorry to say that I "accidentally on purpose" slept in the cinema for a good half an hour to an hour of this movie.

I. Just. Can't. Help. It.

  The plot was mundane, it was hard to relate the story to our lives (except for... SPOILER ALERT!... old couples who want children). And the movie was so disappointing (-again- to me) that the trailer/sneak peek was a hundred times better than the real one.

 Can you blame me when I say I thought it was a movie about hero-thieves and how they save the world? Look at the poster! It has all the elements of an action flick, not some baby-making guidelines. T_T

2. I Love Hong Kong

The poster.
My rating:

Just to let you know, this "thing" really has only 3 fingers on each hand. There is no indication that I am trying to curse anybody. None at all.
  I'm sorry, did you just say that you did not notice the hands? Damn! *cough cough* I mean, I regret drawing attention to it.

  Some good moments, some bad ones. What is worth mentioning is the group of young people who sat behind us inside the cinema. One of the girls was laughing so hard, she nearly choked. It was so wicked, I tell you. *gleeeeeeeee* 

  Oh. And I love the main soundtrack. It was good.

3. All's Well End's Well 2011

Please note that they are not twins, triplets or even quadruplets. These are repetitive pics. But I don't mind if they do. Then, we can get double, triple and even quadruple doses of funny moments.
My rating:

I can assure you, I did NOT put the wrong picture.
  This movie just gets me into the mood, baby! Yes, there were a few bland moments (kind-of-boring Ip Man's scenes) but overall, this is insanely amusing. And the fact that the audiences get to see Louis Koo becoming so 娘 is a BIG EXTRA point indeed!!

  Just in case you can't "feel" my excited tone, let me put another poster of them.

I am SO biased.
  The best quote I've heard in the movie: 在你的生命中会有一个等你的人,不管在任何地方,任何时候,他永远都在等着你。

(more or less that was what she said. It sounded much better when she said it in Cantonese.)

Translation: "There is someone waiting for you in your life. No matter how far, or how long, he will still be waiting for you. Forever."

  That's it! Our little cinema-hopping adventure. I am sorry if it was rather long. However, for good measures, I've added some more pictures here. Wait for it......




  Of course it will be pictures of bunnies. What makes you think it will be something different? ^_^

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