_of Dearest Friend

Dearest Friend, 

  Be strong.

  I don't know how to predict the future, in the same way that I never learn the skill to calm others. But I believe, in a way, that words can give some kind of calming effect to other people. Just remember, we are here for you. ("We" and "here" are VERY subjective in nature, please consider our quirky behaviours and how we define "we" and "here".)

  I will admit it. I am a coward myself. I do not believe in change, nor do I think "change" is a good thing. There are things which force us to change, but sometimes, we do not have to resort to that kind of situation. To me, to change is to lose everything, and though I have changed tremendously, I still want to hang on to bits of the "Old Me". Thus, I believe, change is not always inevitable. And I am here to support you.

  I promise.

Though I do not agree with you always.

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