_of "So You Think Law is Dull?"

Think again.

  We've heard these comments:

"Those who study law are rigid." 
"They are no fun. No fun at all!" 
"Too serious. Too nerdy." 
"Law students? You mean, the thick-rimmed glasses ones?"
"What law students? I've never heard of one before." *insert Awful-Screeching-Laughter sound here*  

  Err. Maybe you haven't heard any of these mentioned above. But surely you have come across some like that.

No? Well, nevermind.

  Anyway, I've heard enough of them. Honestly, I believe that they are wrong (except the last comment, that is. I have no idea why is the awful laughing sound necessary). Like usual, I have facts to back my argument up. ^_^

1. You may have heard of "sado-masochism" in pirated downloaded songs.

-Grenade, by Bruno Mars-
I'd catch a grenade for ya
Throw my head on a blade for ya
I'd jump in front of a train for ya
You know I'd do anything for ya
I would go through all this pain,
Take a bullet straight through my brain,
Yes, I would die for you baby
But you won't do the same

-Firework, by Katy Perry-
'Cause baby, you're a firework
Come on, show 'em what you're worth
Make 'em go "oh, oh, oh!"
As you shoot across the sky-y-y

Baby, you're a firework

Come on, let your colors burst
Make 'em go "oh, oh, oh!",
You're gonna leave 'em falling down oh oh

-Bad Romance, by Lady Gaga-
I want your ugly
I want your disease
I want your everything
As long as it’s free

-Spongebob Squarepants, by Spongebob-
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob Squarepants!
Absorbent and yellow and porous is he. Spongebob Squarepants!
If nautical nonsense be somethin' you wish, Spongebob Squarepants!
Then drop on the deck and flop like a fish! Spongebob Squarepants!

Yours truly was really talking about this Spongebob.

2. You may have read some "interesting" World News around the Earth.

- Malaysian man's "second wife" turned out to be transsexual. (here)
- An earthquake in Damansara. (here)
- Justin Bieber's opinion on sex, abortion and politics. (here)

 And yet, none of these would win if they compete with the...

"Most Remembered Law Cases in Your Life".
*citation is needed. But don't look in Wikipedia, you will thank me later*

1. Donoghue v. Stevenson

  Being bieberfied? Duh. Those Biebs would never stand a chance against this case. Apparently, the law students (me included) called it the "Ginger Beer case". Why ginger beer? And not coca-cola? Or even Pepsi? Don't ask me. 

  The story goes like this:

One fine day, a young lady was drinking some ginger beer with her friend. (Type of ginger beer = unknown)

Halfway through, she found a dead, decomposed snail inside her beer. This is a cute, cartoon-ish snail.

This is a real snail, and possibly its great grandfather was the one inside the ginger beer bottle.

You know what happened afterwards. "Usual reaction mah~~~"

She was shocked. Both mentally and physically. Green on the face, perhaps.

And she got sicked because of a dead, decomposed snail. The snail must be proud of its own self.

She sued. And she won the case.

[It was also the starting point for "Love thy neighbour" principle. But we will not bother with that.]
2. Mr. "Stephen Orange"

  Politics have never strayed far from law. You bet we have a story saucy enough in the political arena!
Cue in an ex-member of the British Parliament.

 There was never a scandal about lying. Or embezzlement. Or criminal of any sorts. But there was this...

Now you know why was he called "Mr. Orange."

  He was caught biting into an orange one fine day in his own kitchen. And why is this a story, you may ask?

-Adult content, 18sx only-

  "Official sources said he was wearing only items of women’s underwear and had a chord (some reports state electrical flex) tied from around his neck to his ankles. A piece of satsuma orange was said to have been found in his mouth, fueling speculation backed by Government press releases inferring the MP had been engaged in the bizarre solitary sexual escapade (AEA) during which he used amyl nitrate poppers to heighten sexual release." here
  It means that he was engaging in some sexual activites which consisted of biting into an orange (Edward-style, perhaps?). The super-duper medical term was Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation (AEA).

3. R v. Brown

  Ah. The ever-so-famous criminal case itself. Ask any law student around, and if they do not know anything about this case, they are either (a) forgot about it, (b)tunjuk baik, or (c) an impostor for your long-lost kidnapped law student.

The possible reactions to your inquiry:
(a) Tell them to go back and read cases, and not to play PS2 or Facebook again. Ever. 
(b) Say this: "Ceh. Caya la korang. Ni mesti baru balik dari Lecture tu. Siap nak pegi Google la ni!"
(c) Whack them on the head. And run. Very Fast.

  The case alone beats all other "sado-masochistic" songs you have heard in the Internet. It even beat having an earthquake reported by Justin Beaver while listening to Gre-Fire by Lady Gah(!).

Let's start with this.

Or even this, if you like.

In a place like this.

With instruments like this. And more.
Captured using this. (It was a very old case. They didn't have iPhones.)

  Make your own deduction/conclusion/train of imagination. Go on. It won't be too far-fetched. 

  There you have it, people! The reason why I like Law so much. And also the proof that I have been listening in my classes. ^_^ 

Before I wrote this entry, there was this conversation between me and Q.L.
Me: So, do you remember the S&M case?
Q.L.: Yeah, what about it?
Me: Well, was there any lawyers inside?
Q.L.: No! Of course not. It was a "medical experiment/practice". Lawyers couldn't do that.
Me: But there was something about ginger ale, isn't it?
Q.L.: =.=!!! No! That was another case! And it was about ginger beer!
Me: I bet there was something about an orange.
Q.L.: Are you trying to be funny?
Me: So, it wasn't about a medical clinic next to a bread factory, then?
Q.L.: ......


Dare you say, "Law is Dull"?


_of Customer Service Lines

Do you know how "movie trailers" work? Yes, they are the ones that show you the interesting scenes in a movie and yet when you watch the real movie, it doesn't show you any of the scenes in the trailer.
  So, the image above is a mobile phone. Like the principles in a movie trailer, I will NOT talk about the "awesome" mobile phones we have out there. Enough of everything that begin with the letter "i".

Note to self: Facebook -> "iFace". As in, "I Face U in Facebook." Makes a whole new meaning of "interactive".

Back to main point.

  Let's talk about "Phone Calls/Lines" today. No, it is not the kind of activities you and your beloved dear ones do every other day. Neither it is the one that you do with your beloved friends every few days weeks months. 

This kind.
  The other day on a Thursday, I called Airasia to ask some information for my mom's travel itinerary. If you are not familiar with its Customer Service Line, here it is.

+603 2171 9333 (Self Help Menu)
Operating Hours : 8am - 9pm (GMT+8)

  To cut things short, I called and the operator told me to call its new Customer Service Call Centre.

600 85 9999 (Premium Customer Service Line)
Operating Hours: 7am - 7pm
Available from Malaysian telco – Telekom, Celcom, Maxis & DiGi
Charge: RM 1.95 per minute

(At this juncture, you have a feeling that things were going to be SO MUCH FUN, don't you?)

  Please note that it is called the Premium line, which charges around RM2 PER MINUTE. I called them at 2pm. No one picked up the phone line. And I went on (followed the instructions) trying. For. Almost. Three. Damned. Hours.

  You see, I don't lose control easily. In fact, I often wonder why I don't do that. The first few times were okay, although they already charged me for more than RM5 (because the "Automatic Operator Instructions" have taken up for nearly half a minute, and adding the time you insert the required number "Press one for this... etc", you have already taken more than a minute. This happened EVERY single time).

  Now, I remember why I continued calling them. I have faith in humanity, that's why. I reckon that when I called them at 2pm, maybe they had their lunch and was rushing back to the office to pick up phone lines. So, I kept calling.

  Like usual, my imagination was somehow rather wild. My faith in a PREMIUM line was crushed. 

-insert an image of "being crushed" here-

Let's make it easier for you. This is me, "feeling crushed".

  And after the few times, it started to sound like this TO ME:

  I would press "3" just to get someone, anyone, to pick up the line. On second thought, I would even admit and press "2" voluntarily.

Later, it got worse:

  Unfortunately (for them, that is), the one calling them was me. If it was Q.L., they would get plenty of "amusement" from the colourful languages that she uses. Me? I would only do this...


For. Three. Freaking. Hours.

  Talk about being amused.

By the time the clock struck 4:45pm, I could only imagine this was what happened:

  Let's face it. This is what actually happens, isn't it?

  So, as you can see (from my tone of frustration), I gave up on the call (calls, I mean). And prayed very hard that everything was going according to the plan (without the information). Luckily, it did. Thank God!

  I've learned my lesson, though. 

But since I am a girl, this is not going to happen AT ALL.
Back to calling Customer Service, then. Yikes!


_of Glee vs. The Beatles

Grilled Cheesus, Season 2.

  Kurt was singing a song, I Want to Hold Your Hand. It was a Kurt-ly version of The Beatles. Nice song, nice tempo (from Kurt, that is). The Beatles' version sounded happier, which I think it defeats the entire purpose of having a gut-wrenching, tear-jerking love song. Ah well.

I Want to Hold Your Hand

Oh yeah, I'll tell you something
I think you'll understand
When I'll say that something
I wanna hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand

Oh please, say to me
You'll let me be your man
And please, say to me
You'll let me hold your hand
I'll let me hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand

And when I touch you I feel happy
It's such a feeling that my love
I can't hide
I can't hide
I can't hide

Yeah, you've got that something
I think you'll understand
When I'll say that something
I wanna hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand

_of 海芋恋 and Getting Hsiao

Getting hsiao. Get it? Get it???

Oppa~~~~!!!! *fainted*

  Oh well. Here is the lyrics to (萧敬腾) Jam Hsiao's


春天的来临 悄悄地释出暧昧的气息 
在百花齐放的季节里 你清新脱俗的有股诗意 
你在天南星 高雅亮洁的好美丽 

初夏的来临 也溢出了俏皮的气息 
在暑气充斥的季节里 你晶莹剔透的带著凉意 
你在天南星 气质非凡的好有活力 

轻轻柔柔的想念 在单恋的季节 
甜甜蜜蜜的暧昧 在热恋的季节 

你迷人的魔力 我如梦奇遇 爱不可思议 
唔 妙不可语 喔 我们在 

白白凈凈的湖面 在海芋的季节 
缓缓慢慢的夏天 在热恋的季节 

  Just so you know, this is my favourite song of the month. Q.L. said I am totally insane. I must be. 

_of Awesome Desserts vs. Headache-Induced Desserts

P.S.: This will be a pretty long entry, brace yourself! 
First thing to be dealt with:

Let's agree on this.
 So, what shall a girl eat on a Saturday's night? 

Okay. This is a sick joke. I shall not do one anymore.
  A girl eat this instead...

...and rightfully do so, too. What is "calories" except words invented by Men to scare the living off?
  Therefore, like the awesome free people that we are people that are highly conscious about the importance of desserts, Q.L. and I stormed went to Pavilion and tried a new kind of desserts (new to us, that is).

  If, by now, you are still not sure whether Snowflake is the "Awesome Desserts" or the other one, then you can be excused. At the moment. However, at the end of this post, if you are still feeling doubtful about it, I suggest you "pack your bags, take out your whole lifetime savings, hail a cab out of nowhere, and rush into Pavilion 4th floor, and order one of their bestselling Desserts".

  Pictures (just to tempt your taste buds) are included here:

This is their Top Bestseller. I don't like it personally. Neither did Q.L. It was rather ordinary, I'm afraid. But the "yellow dumplings" are delicious. It has a sweet chewy texture that borders on the edge of "delicious".   

Apparently, Q.L. and I agreed that this is the best Snowflake Dessert that we have ever tasted. Not that we have tasted everything, mind you. We are as picky as the person sitting next to us at the kiosk there. It's called the "Soy Bean Series", quite delicious. And the soybean-flavored ice was heaven. Or music to our ears. Or the dawn of the new beginning. If you get what I mean.
We went to Pavilion twice just to get our hands on this Dessert. Consider this fact: when you are living somewhere in PJ, if you are willing to go to Pavilion on a Saturday or Sunday night just to eat some kind of desserts (for more or less half an hour), and then go back home, then you must understand that it might just be the best Dessert ever.

This is a variation of the Soy Bean Series, they have 5 to choose from. But Q.L. and I did not like it, it has black glutinous rice in it. And some other unmentionable dark stuffs. Yep, very dark indeed.
Q.L.'s favourite drink. It is the famous Pearl Tea. The tea is worth to be mentioned, though. We can never get over the fact that they use Jasmine Tea. It is weird, but the tea smells nice, and though it tastes weird, it is addictive. 

My favourite. My quote: "难喝到我喜欢", and it is true. It has a very distinct smell (Jasmine tea) and a very distinct taste (Tea Lime Jelly) that I think it comes from the other side of "deliciousness". 

And Q.L. thinks I'm weird.
  Enough with that. I have done introducing our new fave Desserts in town. It is time for the "headache-induced" ones. Please note that this is clearly my own thoughts and my personal taste, therefore, in no way that I am condemning any products. Just be fair to me, okay?

We will start with this. This is me. Having eaten the "headache-induced" desserts, I clearly had some issue of "splitting head".

Then, it went on to "getting the feel of being electrified". The headache was too hard to bear, I had to grind my teeth and hoping against hope that my hair won't turn out like this tomorrow.

A few minutes later. This is what I had become. Clearly, you have noticed that I have gone from being nearly bald to full of wavy hair, but that is not the point. You can still count on getting wrinkles, joints dislocating, and toothless teethless.

A few hours later. I was such a wreck.  

   So, you might want to ask me, what kind of desserts does the "heart-wrenching, head-stabbing" moves on me?

Black "puddle" = brownies. Not included: hazelnuts.

Black "cubes" = truffles.


_of Something Unrelated that Somehow Got into This Post...

P.S.: "Saturday". It was not a typo, nor did I forgot what day it is today. I just reckon, when something "good + bad + everything in between" happen, it is always on a Saturday. No? Well, at least it DOES that in the books I read.


_of All That are Bunnies and CNY Movies

When the Lunar New Year ends, so do the movies.

  Just to get into the groove mood, Q.L. and I went cinema-hopping. As this is a post about the CNY movies, I have included pictures of bunnies inside. Just so you know.

Not pictured: a Bunny.
And now is the time for:

Movie Review!!!

by the ever-so-famous Miss Bunny of the Year:

Err. That is totally a fashion no-no.


All right. We are back with Miss Bunny of the Year:

Let's just ignore the fact that this Bunny is often portrayed as a MALE bunny.
-At least, ignore it for the sake of this post.-

  Back to the main point, reviews of THREE (!!!) CNY movies released recently (in my own particular rating of like/dislike). You might feel differently (as I am sure you would) but hey, don't shoot the blogger, shoot the movie producer!

1. Mr. and Mrs. Incredible

You might not see it clearly, but that is Louis Koo and 吴君如.

My rating:

  Yep. This is what happened. I'm sorry to say that I "accidentally on purpose" slept in the cinema for a good half an hour to an hour of this movie.

I. Just. Can't. Help. It.

  The plot was mundane, it was hard to relate the story to our lives (except for... SPOILER ALERT!... old couples who want children). And the movie was so disappointing (-again- to me) that the trailer/sneak peek was a hundred times better than the real one.

 Can you blame me when I say I thought it was a movie about hero-thieves and how they save the world? Look at the poster! It has all the elements of an action flick, not some baby-making guidelines. T_T

2. I Love Hong Kong

The poster.
My rating:

Just to let you know, this "thing" really has only 3 fingers on each hand. There is no indication that I am trying to curse anybody. None at all.
  I'm sorry, did you just say that you did not notice the hands? Damn! *cough cough* I mean, I regret drawing attention to it.

  Some good moments, some bad ones. What is worth mentioning is the group of young people who sat behind us inside the cinema. One of the girls was laughing so hard, she nearly choked. It was so wicked, I tell you. *gleeeeeeeee* 

  Oh. And I love the main soundtrack. It was good.

3. All's Well End's Well 2011

Please note that they are not twins, triplets or even quadruplets. These are repetitive pics. But I don't mind if they do. Then, we can get double, triple and even quadruple doses of funny moments.
My rating:

I can assure you, I did NOT put the wrong picture.
  This movie just gets me into the mood, baby! Yes, there were a few bland moments (kind-of-boring Ip Man's scenes) but overall, this is insanely amusing. And the fact that the audiences get to see Louis Koo becoming so 娘 is a BIG EXTRA point indeed!!

  Just in case you can't "feel" my excited tone, let me put another poster of them.

I am SO biased.
  The best quote I've heard in the movie: 在你的生命中会有一个等你的人,不管在任何地方,任何时候,他永远都在等着你。

(more or less that was what she said. It sounded much better when she said it in Cantonese.)

Translation: "There is someone waiting for you in your life. No matter how far, or how long, he will still be waiting for you. Forever."

  That's it! Our little cinema-hopping adventure. I am sorry if it was rather long. However, for good measures, I've added some more pictures here. Wait for it......




  Of course it will be pictures of bunnies. What makes you think it will be something different? ^_^