_of Jumbled Thoughts

_of Coffee + Holiday...

 -> Yeah, right.

  -> It is The Time of The Year again (sigh). Let's just hope no more any SURPRISING news, shall we?

 -> And while we are at it, like usual, I will not go back to my hometown this year. I don't know, there is just some laziness when the day comes. I will be a sticky-pan soon, if this continues.

 -> This I will wholeheartedly agree. Nothing in my life dictionary indicates "Coffee is The New Black" or "Coffee is The Rule" or anything else like that. I must be a weird person.

_of Free Pizza Coupons...

 -> Sometimes, Q.L. and I do get lucky. We have free Domino's Pizza (!!!) coupons for several times in a row. But now that I have denounce pizzas of all sorts, I do not think the coupons will do me any good.

Might as well give it to an Igor. MuaahahaHAHAHA. 

_of Holiday (Part II)...

  -> I heard of this tradition before. They said you will get very lucky for a while if you manage to catch the first snowflake of the year. Well, that is easy-peasy for those who have winter seasons in THEIR country. WHAT ABOUT ME???!!!

_of Life in College...

 -> I wish the subjects are this easy to explain.

 -> We learned this in Evidence, if I am not mistaken. Oh no... I did this for my essay in Evidence, read it in the Allen's book, by the way. The brief notes given to us are pretty funny. And I mean, funny in a FUNNY way.

_of What Will Happen Next...

 -> This is, apparently, a damn-good advice. ^_^

_of Q.L....

 -> This is THE famous painting of "The Scream" by Edvard Munch.

 -> This is how Q.L. looks when she yawns. Notice the difference yet?

_of un-Pizza-ness and un-Coffee-ness

  There is not much to say about my Tort test (which was accidentally adjourned to Wednesday, phew!). One thing worth some hundred dollars is the question of:

Why did I fall sick on Wednesday, November 24th?

Let's analyze the whole thing, shall we?

It all started with...

1. Beef Pepperoni Pizza...

 -> This is the MAIN reason why I fell sick that day (please add more to this sentence, i.e. the feeling of nausea, nearly vomitting, and diarrhea). That will just sum up my condition IN THE SCHOOL nicely. Yes, you did not read it wrong. I was feeling unwell the whole time IN THE CLASS. Just. Because. Of. Some. Pizzas.

 -> I need to remember to breathe in, breathe out.

2. More accurately, Beef Pepperoni DOMINO's Pizza...

 -> Ahh... This whole thing JUST GETS BETTER with the Domino's there. @#$%!!!! Do you realize how mad I am? This is going to be the end of my pizza-eating life. Just like that.

3. Add more COFFEE to it...

 -> Meanwhile, apparently my lack of sleeping (or the non-existent feeling of sleep) is due to the fact that someone has been drinking coffee again. Weeeee----

4. Which leads to...

 -> If you still do not know me THAT well, I can explain this. I. Cannot. Drink. Coffee. At. All. So, which of these words you do not understand?

5. And the inevitable result is...

 -> Yes. This will happen soon, mark my words.

P.S. Now, now... We WILL NOT want this to happen, do we?


_of Some Corny Stuffs

Dear You,

Corny stuff starts here...
  I always make this "segment" in a way that makes it like you are reading it first-hand. But I know, for a matter of fact, you will not be reading this (because you do not know the existence of this blog).

  However, you might then be wondering why I continue doing this? Because there is a slight hope in my heart, that you might just read this and know how I feels. But, it does sound like something that is too good to be true.

  And I miss you. Yes, I do.

Corny stuff ends here.


Gross stuff starts here...
  I am not feeling well. Cheesy and spicy foods make me have diarrhoea, I wonder when did it start? (Oh yeah. Since I've met YOU ).  


Corny stuff begins again... Q.L. found out we are quite compatible with each other. *roll eyes* And few minutes later, it stops.

Then sad song starts here...
Watch this. 

  -> Let's end the emo thing here. Or else, I might just wallow in sadness.

_of Some Unrelated Things...

 -> Disclaimer: This does NOT indicate my own true feelings. I do NOT have any "malicious intention" towards anybody in particular. Not even towards Q.L.

*cute, big bespectacled eyes blink blink BLINK*

_of Tort Timed-Test

  Tomorrow, we will have a timed-test on Tort's Negligence topics. Note that the word is "topics", which means we need to cover a whole range of stuff including duty of care, standard of care, police authority, emergency services, prison, ambulance etc etc etc. (Is it a lucky thing if I say negligent mis-statement and pure economic loss will NOT be tested?)

 -> Arghhhhhhhhh. Right.

 -> This might be a good idea, after all. I have to make an appointment with a psychiatrist. Anyone knows any? 

P.S.: Here's the thing. I kept failing my Tort timed-test. Wouldn't it be nice if for ONCE I get a Pass? Sigh.


_of Unbelievable News

 -> Me, asked to become a Magistrate? ME?! You have GOT to be joking!!!

  The fact is, I still have 2 years to study, and there is no guarantee what will happen next. So, why am I given a post of Magistrate NOW? Some people really have the weirdest sense of humour. (Err, sorry sis. I did not mean you.)

  Besides, this goes to show how far I will be. If I get this, there is not even any more slight indication that I will meet you, bump into you, or accidentally see you in this lifetime. None, zilch, nada. T_T

  On the other hand, Q.L. and I have created an online-business, to sell our books. Coz there are TONS of them around the house, so if you would like to buy cheaper second-hand books (like the ones on the left - my list of Private Library Collection, just email me. We can sort out the fine prints later). ^_^

_of Something to Humour You Guys...

 -> A very deep philosophical thought. Will think about this for a great deal of time.

_of Something for Q.L...

 -> Do you see what my problem is? I find GREAT delights looking for these kind of stuffs for Q.L. Just the simple fact of her having a Mr. Teddy, and the well-known fact of S.L. vomitting pints of blood if he sees this, too. Wakakkakakakkakakkakkakakkakaka....

 -> Mr. Teddy + cannibalism = The Perfect Q.L. 

Yes. I proved the equation 800 years ago.


_of Laziness (Part II), but Not on a Saturday

  I am being lazy these days. So, I will just summarize what happened to me these few days (to compensate the Sneak Peeks post I wrote a few days ago). 

_of Being with My Niece for Several Hours...

 -> This is her. She is my cousin's youngest daughter, thus making her my niece-in-relative (Err. Does it not?). She is cute, as you can see. Fair, too. Her mother has chinese blood, that is why she looks much more chinese-y than usual. 

 -> She is fond of being hugged, and carried around. Never afraid of strangers, for I have not seen her before. And yet, she is quite "fascinated" by my presence in the house the other day. I managed to steal some pics of her (with the permission of her mother, my cousin) and uploaded them here. 

 -> This is an experiment to demonstrate the size of her fist compared to my forefinger. I know, it is very irrelevant, and such a waste of time. But hey, that is to show how small this baby is. She was only 3 months old that time, and yet, so obedient and SCARY looking. Hahahahhaa...

_of KLCC during a night view...

 -> I took this picture from a taxi's window during our visit to Kinokuniya the other day. I wanted to buy some new books, but there was none, except Coupland's Microserfs which I feel is very Geeky. And yet, I still bought it.

Tecchie! Me? Nah...

  But I like the kind of nerdiness/geekiness told in the book. It made me want to become one, too. Sort of having your own life around, with people just like you. No need to worry about food, other kinds of people, and most importantly, money. There was no money problem, even though the firm was in a state of near bankruptcy. Nice!

 -> A close-up pic of the Twin Tower, I had to wait until the taxi stopped in order to get an okay pic like this. I am, more or less, a dedicated photo-taker. ^_^

 -> This is an abandoned construction site. I know. But look farther away. The background was KLCC. That was my intention - to make KLCC the main attraction of this pic. I know I've failed, big time. 

_of Nearing Christmas

  -> Just some decorated christmas tree we saw in the mall the other day. The difference from the usual trees is that THIS ONE sprinkles snow-like polystyrene stuff from the top. Kind of like snow, really.

P.S.: You know what is REALLY scary? It is the fact that I keep hearing 'Narukooo---" during the time I wrote this post, because of Q.L.'s weird thriller anime that she is watching RIGHT NOW.

_of A Movie Missed

  Today, we played truant again. Goodbye, Trust (for today, at least). Hello, letter of Absence to my family at home! *roll eyes*

  There is a story for this "damn sarcastic" intonation used for the Absence Letter. We have a lecturer who is VERY fond of sending letters to parents to inform them that their child is always absence from class. The reason why I am against this is because he "selects" who to send the letters to. (Note that I put "-" in the sentence, as I do not know EXACTLY how he decides which students will be sent the warning letter. But as far as I know, my friends and I were absent for around the same time, and yet MY parents were the only ones received the warning letter.)

  Okay, back to the main topic. We wanted to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1) today - it is the first Screening Day.

 -> These are our tickets. We wanted to watch the movie in the afternoon. There is a RM5 difference for students and adults tickets. Many cinema halls are distributed to show the movie, there are at least 12 shows per day. We couldn't even managed to watch Crayon. T_T 

  However, there was plenty of families in 1-Utama. Those screaming kids were making my head hurts, ears hurt, and "even heart also hurts!" So, in the end, we forfeited the tickets, for the very reason that we feel very bad luck today, in addition to the MOB around.

(P.S.: The word "Mob" here is equivalent to the word "family". And the word "family" is equivalent to the word "BIG". At least for today.)

   How worse it was? Food could not seduce me to stay in the mall, not even for 15 minutes.

   Therefore, we stay at home for now. Me, doing this post while Q.L. is busy laughing at some Japanese anime (thriller + horror). Don't ask me why she laughs at them, she is THAT weird.

 -> A close-up pic of our movie tickets. Just to make my heart bleeds more. T_T


_of "Sorry I Love You"

Dear You,

  I re-activated my account again today, just to see how are you and what have you been doing. It seems like you are pretty much happy with your own life now, it's good then.

  But I regret doing so as soon as I saw what was written there. Nothing more that separates me from them, then. It looks like you are much much happier being with them. 

  Maybe it is true that I have been having wild imaginations. I might got all the previous things wrong. You might treat me just like an ordinary person.

  I wonder when was it happened? The first time I had this wrong feeling, maybe if I can recall back, I will know where was my mistake.

  Sometimes, I really like to disappear. Or to forget you. Or hoping that none of these will happen. Coz seeing you like this makes me feels hurt. 

  Hurt, because I am not the one who makes you laugh. Hurt, because I am not the one staying beside you. Hurt, because I am hurt and yet, you are still happy. Hurt, because you can easily get on with your life without my presence in it. Hurt, because I cannot do so, as I think about you everytime I do something.

  Hurt, because I cannot forget how much I love you, not even once.


_of Sneak Peek and Books Update

  I am a bit busy these days. Will do some posts on Death Place, An-evening-of-KLCC and A-few-hours-with-a-niece soon. Just you wait and see. ^_^

 -> This has nothing to do with the fact that I am writing a full post about a Sneak Peek now.

 -> Patience is a virtue which I was not blessed with, but which I think EVERONE should have. Erk?

  By the way, I've added MORE books into the Private Library Collection. This time around, there is the Miscellaneous Part II. I am still busy trying to find a series of book that suits me. So far, I have finished buying those Terry Pratchett ones. I really really REALLY need to find some new ones, or else I will be bored to death pretty much sooner than I expected.

 -> NB (derived from the word "nota bene"): I am NOT looking like this. At least not at all times.

  -> This is purely miscellaneous.


_of Mistaken Identity

  I never thought I would say this, but I was mistaken about somebody's identity the other day.

The post is here

  This is about someone I mistakenly thought to be G.Z. Therefore, I need to clarify here that G.Z. most probably lives very happily (at the moment, that is) and is VERY unlikely to be the person whom I was writing about.

Dear G.Z.
  Sorry that I had wrongly "identified" you the other day. It will not happen again. ^_^

P.S: I have nothing to do with the guy I was writing about. Maybe there was something wrong happened to my brain cells that day, which made me wrote all those stuffs. Overall, sorry I was a "kepoh". I guess the post was a waste of time for you.

  -> Do not ask me which one is Einstein and which one is Frankenstein. It is MEAN.


_of Insanity while Doing Evidence Assignments

  While doing essays for "Burden of Proof" and "Confessions and Improperly-Obtained Evidence", my mind wanders a lot. 

This happens now...

Random Thoughts in My Mind

 -> This happened a few minutes ago. Mom (in the "re-impersonation" of seduction) called me and asked, "Would you like to go to IKEA now? We are going to shop."

 -> This happens most frequently. Considering the many many MANY pages of Allen's Practical Guide to Evidence that I need to read in order to do THREE essays, this is the only conclusion I have obtained so far.

 -> This explains the state I am in, right now.

 -> This will happen by the time I finish the essays, when or if I finish them.

 -> This is a VERY random thought. ^_^