_of un-Pizza-ness and un-Coffee-ness

  There is not much to say about my Tort test (which was accidentally adjourned to Wednesday, phew!). One thing worth some hundred dollars is the question of:

Why did I fall sick on Wednesday, November 24th?

Let's analyze the whole thing, shall we?

It all started with...

1. Beef Pepperoni Pizza...

 -> This is the MAIN reason why I fell sick that day (please add more to this sentence, i.e. the feeling of nausea, nearly vomitting, and diarrhea). That will just sum up my condition IN THE SCHOOL nicely. Yes, you did not read it wrong. I was feeling unwell the whole time IN THE CLASS. Just. Because. Of. Some. Pizzas.

 -> I need to remember to breathe in, breathe out.

2. More accurately, Beef Pepperoni DOMINO's Pizza...

 -> Ahh... This whole thing JUST GETS BETTER with the Domino's there. @#$%!!!! Do you realize how mad I am? This is going to be the end of my pizza-eating life. Just like that.

3. Add more COFFEE to it...

 -> Meanwhile, apparently my lack of sleeping (or the non-existent feeling of sleep) is due to the fact that someone has been drinking coffee again. Weeeee----

4. Which leads to...

 -> If you still do not know me THAT well, I can explain this. I. Cannot. Drink. Coffee. At. All. So, which of these words you do not understand?

5. And the inevitable result is...

 -> Yes. This will happen soon, mark my words.

P.S. Now, now... We WILL NOT want this to happen, do we?

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