_of Mistaken Identity

  I never thought I would say this, but I was mistaken about somebody's identity the other day.

The post is here

  This is about someone I mistakenly thought to be G.Z. Therefore, I need to clarify here that G.Z. most probably lives very happily (at the moment, that is) and is VERY unlikely to be the person whom I was writing about.

Dear G.Z.
  Sorry that I had wrongly "identified" you the other day. It will not happen again. ^_^

P.S: I have nothing to do with the guy I was writing about. Maybe there was something wrong happened to my brain cells that day, which made me wrote all those stuffs. Overall, sorry I was a "kepoh". I guess the post was a waste of time for you.

  -> Do not ask me which one is Einstein and which one is Frankenstein. It is MEAN.

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