_of "Sorry I Love You"

Dear You,

  I re-activated my account again today, just to see how are you and what have you been doing. It seems like you are pretty much happy with your own life now, it's good then.

  But I regret doing so as soon as I saw what was written there. Nothing more that separates me from them, then. It looks like you are much much happier being with them. 

  Maybe it is true that I have been having wild imaginations. I might got all the previous things wrong. You might treat me just like an ordinary person.

  I wonder when was it happened? The first time I had this wrong feeling, maybe if I can recall back, I will know where was my mistake.

  Sometimes, I really like to disappear. Or to forget you. Or hoping that none of these will happen. Coz seeing you like this makes me feels hurt. 

  Hurt, because I am not the one who makes you laugh. Hurt, because I am not the one staying beside you. Hurt, because I am hurt and yet, you are still happy. Hurt, because you can easily get on with your life without my presence in it. Hurt, because I cannot do so, as I think about you everytime I do something.

  Hurt, because I cannot forget how much I love you, not even once.

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