_of Unbelievable News

 -> Me, asked to become a Magistrate? ME?! You have GOT to be joking!!!

  The fact is, I still have 2 years to study, and there is no guarantee what will happen next. So, why am I given a post of Magistrate NOW? Some people really have the weirdest sense of humour. (Err, sorry sis. I did not mean you.)

  Besides, this goes to show how far I will be. If I get this, there is not even any more slight indication that I will meet you, bump into you, or accidentally see you in this lifetime. None, zilch, nada. T_T

  On the other hand, Q.L. and I have created an online-business, to sell our books. Coz there are TONS of them around the house, so if you would like to buy cheaper second-hand books (like the ones on the left - my list of Private Library Collection, just email me. We can sort out the fine prints later). ^_^

_of Something to Humour You Guys...

 -> A very deep philosophical thought. Will think about this for a great deal of time.

_of Something for Q.L...

 -> Do you see what my problem is? I find GREAT delights looking for these kind of stuffs for Q.L. Just the simple fact of her having a Mr. Teddy, and the well-known fact of S.L. vomitting pints of blood if he sees this, too. Wakakkakakakkakakkakkakakkakaka....

 -> Mr. Teddy + cannibalism = The Perfect Q.L. 

Yes. I proved the equation 800 years ago.

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