_of Being Gone

  I will not be updating my blog for a few days. It's Chinese New Year, everyone. I am going home. ^_^


A Magnolia Sherbet a Day Keeps My Fears Away

Fear Day.
  Everyone has a fear. Multiple fears are possible, too. Do not believe those who say "I-don't-have-any-fear-at-all...", not even this guy:

See? He fears he might just forget the names of his girlfriends partners "favourite friends".

  The general fears of all time would certainly look like this:

You are perfectly normal if you have fears like these. I won't call you a chicken, promise.

  Meanwhile, there are others who have the most ridiculous strange interesting fears around us:

1. Those who fear animals

...common enough.

You may not believe that turtles are feared by many...

...but when they hold knives/sword/BIG woodstick/Jay Chou's 双截棍, I am sure we will all be the firsts to run away.

2. Those who fear ghosts

...are perfectly acceptable in the society.

...but to fear Casper is a BIT too far.

3. Those who fear nightmares

...which is frequent in a student's life. Like me.

...totally irrational, especially EXACTLY before Christmas.

  Done with the types of other people's fears. It might not come as a surprise; I myself have fears of my own and here is my Top FIVE (!!!) purrrrr-fect solutions to these fears. 

1. Fear of cholesterol?

...like this.

...find this as a solution.

  I am here to answer all your fears. They claimed that the F&N Magnolia Sherbet is nothing like an ice-cream. It is true.  

I searched, I bought, I ate... them.

  And it tasted NOTHING like ice-cream. The Magnolia Sherbet (Melon) reminded me so much of the milk cartons I often get when I was in primary school, which in my opinion, is a good thing. Really.

2. Fear of Veggies + Fruits?

  The fear of veggies OR fruits is common enough. Very likely to be found in, let's say, people around the age of 5 to 50. But the combination of the two elements?

...is deadly.

...and once again, I found my refuge in this.

  Melon. Yes, it is melon. Not mangosteen, not orange. I prefer Magnolia Sherbet (Melon) which has its own unique chunky melons inside. Small ones, mind you. 

  I couldn't find any lychees-flavoured ones, but after tasting them all, I can only say this: Mangosteen and orange in the form of puree is a BIG NO-NO. 

  Sorry, but they two reminded me of veggies+fruits (see above) and chinese medicine respectively. Not that I ever eat/drink any chinese medicinal herbs lately. Now that I think about it, I've never eat/drink any herbs EVER.

So far so good...

3. Fear of grammar mistakes and word punctuations?

  It is unlikely that any F&N Magnolia Sherbet will cure this fear of mine. But I shall try...


Nomnomnomonoomonommomnomomo... @#$%!!!
  Nope. Sorry. It cannot cure this fear.

But there is more...

4. Fear of not finding any F&N Magnolia Sherbet around?

...like this.

...or even like this.

  The only solution:

And last, but not least...

5. Fear of not getting angpows during Chinese New Year?

...looks familiar?

Fear no more.
  Nuffnang is giving... not one, not two... but FIVE lucky Nuffnangers RM1500 each for the most creatively written blog posts about F&N Magnolia Sherbet. Here is the details. Be quick! Be fast! You might be the ONES to win it!!!

P.S.: Before I forget, there is one more requirement for this contest...

...Precious Mine!!!
P.P.S.: Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!!! Gong Xi Fa Cai, 新年快乐!!!


_of Searching for Nice Blogs (Part III)

P.S. Check out my Part I, Part II and extra (chickens included).

Okay. It has nothing to do with the contents of this post.

  I will admit it, I rarely read other people's blogs. Yes, it is the usual excuse again, i.e. "I-have-no-time-I-can-barely-keep-up-with-other-things" (in my situation, the "other things" are sleeping and eating).

  You may ask, then... What about studying? Don't you study at all? Yikes. I do. I really do. Trust me, will you? But studying is the main part of my student life, that writing about it will defeat the purpose of having a blog. I might as well just Face-the-Book (!).

I don't have any idea what this means.
I went astray again. Reverse...

  I found some very interesting blogs. I don't know them. I read them. I stalk follow them. And thanks to the "advanced" technology, I know everything I can about them and THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW I'M ALIVE!!! Woo-hoo!


  But here they are. It's worth mentioning, by the way. 

Malaysian Bloggers and their Blogs:

1. Kenny Sia, from www.kennysia.com.

  They claim any Malaysian blogger who doesn't know Kenny Sia is NOT a typical, pure, authentic Malaysian blogger. "They", I repeat. It is such a wonderful word that signifies a plural community. ^_^

2. Tea Tarik drinker, from www.tehtarikmemoirs.com.

  I first stumbled upon this blog when I was searching for food outlets in Damansara. Read the entry here. Unfortunately, I still haven't get the chance to go to the restaurant. Oh well. Typical me.

  However, I find some of the posts rather enlightening. Oh. And the coincidence that the blogger is a law-graduate.

3. Ken Wooi, from www.kenwooi.com.

Outcomes of reading the blog:

  (a) I realize that PJ is in the vicinity of Klang Valley.
  (b) Finally, there is someone who doesn't gush over the greatness/fantabulous-ness of Klang Valley. (Read it here)
  (c) A young blogger can be a famous blogger. Though I notice he doesn't like to be called "famous". Hmmm...

and an extra blog to be mentioned:

Nikilesh G: He is a Nuffnang staff, if I am not mistaken. Doesn't blog much. In fact, I think he just started blogging recently. But it is good to see a fresh page, not overloaded with words, but at the same time, able to present the thought to you efficiently.

And now, I am officially a stalker.

Can I get one stalker too?

_of Missing a Movie Screening

  Something came up, and I didn't get to redeem my tickets, and watch the Green Hornet movie screening yesterday (courtesy of Nuffnang). T_T

No. It wasn't money-related. Though I wish it was.

An accurate illustration. Very accurate indeed.

  But anyhow, for those who want to check out my winning chosen entry, click here.


A Magnolia Sherbet A Day For The Best and The Rest


I assure you, this is still a sherbet post.

You may ask, how is a post about sherbets apocalyptic in nature?

  Maybe I am being too dramatic here. But one cannot deprive me the rights to show you the connection between an apocalypse and a Magnolia Sherbet. As the saying goes, if you cannot convince them, confuse them.

  Err. Ahem.

  According to Wikipedia (what else?), "apocalypse" is derived from the Greek word "apokálypsis" which carries the meaning of "lifting of the veil" or "revelation". Of course, it has a far-fetched and doomed-feel-like that people (normal ones, like you and me) tend to steer clear from.

  So, how about this?

Teenage zombies.

Cute aliens.

Back to the point. 

  I can see that you still cannot see the connection between an apocalypse and a Magnolia Sherbet (in this case, my favourite Melon-flavoured ones). Let's view it in a different angle:

Ahhh... Now we are on the same plane.

  Yes, people. I believe that the advertisement slogans around the world in the past few decades have, somehow rather inexplicably, show us the signs or reveal to us the coming of a new sherbet (in this situation, the F&N Magnolia Sherbet - my favourite is Melon-flavoured) that can (literally) blow your socks off. 

  You sound very dubious about it, I know. You might even think that I am pulling your leg. But allow me to further present some very concrete arguments to this.

1. Reebok says, "I am what I am"

  Who would have thought Reebok would helped Magnolia Sherbet to gain its reputation before the launch? Without giving much thought to its other competitors such as Haagen Dazs or Gelato, F&N Magnolia presented a one-of-a-kind sherbet which is economical in nature. If you think RM 2.80 is not cheap, then I don't know what is.

2. Calvin Klein says, "Between love and madness lies obsession"

  Obsession, yet another scary word. But that is very much true. How obsessive can you NOT be if you dare to push your way through the throng of hundreds over people in Sungei Wang+Bukit Bintang+Lot 10+Fahrenheit 88+Pavilion KL just to get your hands on a cup of F&N Magnolia Sherbet (Melon-flavoured) on a Saturday night?
  There lies the love, the madness and the mother of all feelings - obsession.

3. Pepsi says, "The choice of a new generation"

  The new generation these days would realize how important health-care is. We all swear to eat healthy food; on the other hand, we still writhes in agony if no dessert is included. Guilt-ridden, we dare not to eat one. 

  Fear not. F&N Magnolia Sherbet is an alternative which is just as yummy as ice cream, but without the richness of regular ice cream. And that, to me, is as good as any.

4. Sony says, "Like no other"

  F&N Magnolia Sherbet, a texture lighter and smoother than regular ice cream, and contains real fruit pieces/puree. It’s a refreshing pick-me-up like no other!

and last but not least...

5. McDonald's says, "I'm loving it!"

  I believe the slogan speaks for itself. F&N Magnolia Sherbet (Melon-flavoured), I'm loving it!

  There you have it, people! I know that there will be some people who refuse to believe it, but that is fine with me. Because at the end of the day...

...I'm the one who gets to eat the whole sherbet!!!

-"I chose the road less traveled, now where the heck am I?"-

  The details of the Nuffnang contest is here. My other entry about this contest is here (it is a parody, guys. Be nice to it.)

Thank you all.

The End.


A Magnolia Sherbet a Day Gives-Me-Chance-To-Win-Nuffnang-Contest-But-Only-If-I-Can-Find-It-Today

  Another Nuffnang contest. About the new F&N Magnolia Sherbet which came out recently a few days a few weeks ago. And I want to enter. Oh! You wouldn't want to know how much I wish to enter. But this happens:

My best GH pose.

  Yes, I took the above picture using my  Green Hornet picture. But can you blame me if I cannot even find a tab pint quartz "bowl" of Magnolia Sherbet even though the Jusco One Utama is the first in its "Selected Outlets" list?

  Fear not, people! I shall write this entry to the end (I'm sure this will annoy the Nuffnang staffs, I am sorry) as though I have the sherbet with me all this while. 

_on How to Win $$$ in this Nuffnang contest:

1. A Blog Post/Title

-> "A Magnolia Sherbet a Day gives-me-chance-to-win-Nuffnang-contest-but-only-if-I-can-find-it-today".

Catchy? Check.

Unusual? Check.

Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? 
You bet!

2. Favourite Magnolia Sherbet flavour

  The sherbet is available in 4 (!!!) flavours; Lychee, Mangosteen, Melon and Orange. And due to the reason mentioned above, I shall use the power of deduction bestowed to me (Miss Sherlockiah Holmesah) to pin-point rather vaguely which is my Favourite Flavour.

No. Not the Ouija Board. Can't you see that it said "No"?

Sherbet = 4 flavours. Coin = 2 sides. THAT bad in Maths?

Sherbets don't have legs to climb up the trees...

...nor are they fishes.


  I refuse to give up. Let's see what we have in here. Lychee, mangosteeen, melon, orange... Lychee, mangosteen, melon, orange... Lychee, mangos---

Sigh. Can't I like ALL already?

  Well, no one told me that I HAVE to choose one, have they? So, Miss Sherlockiah Holmesah shall like them all.

You cannot press this button. This is NOT facebook.

Last but not least...

3. Include pics with favourite flavour

Miss Sherlockiah Holmesah cannot find her Magnolia Sherbet.

Neither do the two poor little pets above.

And now I blow my chances to enter a contest.


-The End-

_of Stalkers vs. Stalkees

  No. I am not being stalked. I wish I was.

On second thought, I don't think I want it.

  Apparently, my life is so boring/mundane right now, that I have to come up with a random post entry just to liven up my blog.
Very funny.

  It occurs to me that everyone will, even only for once in their life, stalk someone they like/don't like. 

Not this kind. Though I am totally IN LOVE with private detectives these days. 

This kind.

  Yes. I will admit it. I've stalked the Guy of My Life on Facebook before. P.S.: It must be noted that though I think of him as The Guy of My Life, he doesn't think of me like that.  

  That is why I have deactivated my Facebook altogether. Because of karma. Or Cycle of Life, whatever you call it. I believe that what you do unto others, others will do the same to you. 

  Therefore, if I stalk others, there must be stalkers stalking me, too.


No. I don't think the formula works that way in my situation. Sigh.

  I guess it is easier for us to stalk people nowadays. Looks like it is the trend, too. The kind that goes "stalking is the new black" or something. 

Q.L. did this, too. On several occasions. BOTH kind.

  At this juncture, you may ask, what is the purpose of this post then? And I will answer: Nothing. I just thought that maybe, just maybe, it is nice to write something other than what kind of life I have been living. (See above reason)

At some point, I wanna be the ninja.

P.S. At THIS point, you might think of me as someone so freaking-insane. Which I am. Occasionally.

Hey. At least I am cool with it. There are people who won't, you know.

_of Something Currently on My Mind...

Yes, the Guy of My Life, I still remember this.