A Magnolia Sherbet a Day Keeps My Fears Away

Fear Day.
  Everyone has a fear. Multiple fears are possible, too. Do not believe those who say "I-don't-have-any-fear-at-all...", not even this guy:

See? He fears he might just forget the names of his girlfriends partners "favourite friends".

  The general fears of all time would certainly look like this:

You are perfectly normal if you have fears like these. I won't call you a chicken, promise.

  Meanwhile, there are others who have the most ridiculous strange interesting fears around us:

1. Those who fear animals

...common enough.

You may not believe that turtles are feared by many...

...but when they hold knives/sword/BIG woodstick/Jay Chou's 双截棍, I am sure we will all be the firsts to run away.

2. Those who fear ghosts

...are perfectly acceptable in the society.

...but to fear Casper is a BIT too far.

3. Those who fear nightmares

...which is frequent in a student's life. Like me.

...totally irrational, especially EXACTLY before Christmas.

  Done with the types of other people's fears. It might not come as a surprise; I myself have fears of my own and here is my Top FIVE (!!!) purrrrr-fect solutions to these fears. 

1. Fear of cholesterol?

...like this.

...find this as a solution.

  I am here to answer all your fears. They claimed that the F&N Magnolia Sherbet is nothing like an ice-cream. It is true.  

I searched, I bought, I ate... them.

  And it tasted NOTHING like ice-cream. The Magnolia Sherbet (Melon) reminded me so much of the milk cartons I often get when I was in primary school, which in my opinion, is a good thing. Really.

2. Fear of Veggies + Fruits?

  The fear of veggies OR fruits is common enough. Very likely to be found in, let's say, people around the age of 5 to 50. But the combination of the two elements?

...is deadly.

...and once again, I found my refuge in this.

  Melon. Yes, it is melon. Not mangosteen, not orange. I prefer Magnolia Sherbet (Melon) which has its own unique chunky melons inside. Small ones, mind you. 

  I couldn't find any lychees-flavoured ones, but after tasting them all, I can only say this: Mangosteen and orange in the form of puree is a BIG NO-NO. 

  Sorry, but they two reminded me of veggies+fruits (see above) and chinese medicine respectively. Not that I ever eat/drink any chinese medicinal herbs lately. Now that I think about it, I've never eat/drink any herbs EVER.

So far so good...

3. Fear of grammar mistakes and word punctuations?

  It is unlikely that any F&N Magnolia Sherbet will cure this fear of mine. But I shall try...


Nomnomnomonoomonommomnomomo... @#$%!!!
  Nope. Sorry. It cannot cure this fear.

But there is more...

4. Fear of not finding any F&N Magnolia Sherbet around?

...like this.

...or even like this.

  The only solution:

And last, but not least...

5. Fear of not getting angpows during Chinese New Year?

...looks familiar?

Fear no more.
  Nuffnang is giving... not one, not two... but FIVE lucky Nuffnangers RM1500 each for the most creatively written blog posts about F&N Magnolia Sherbet. Here is the details. Be quick! Be fast! You might be the ONES to win it!!!

P.S.: Before I forget, there is one more requirement for this contest...

...Precious Mine!!!
P.P.S.: Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!!! Gong Xi Fa Cai, 新年快乐!!!

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