If I Were the Green Hornet

  It comes with a slight bit of disappointment that my last entry for Nuffnang contest was not creative; as it was a bit similar to the storyline for the SotW movie. Hence, armed with my dictionary, Google and even Wikipedia - trust me, if only I have more time, Yahoo! Answer would certainly be a guidance, too - I shall say...

1... 2... Action!

If I were the Green Hornet, what would I do to stop Crime?

  This is a Green Hornet. Its power (if any) to stop crimes lies in the fact that it has a VERY POWERFUL sting. You may wonder why "The Sting" (as we called it) is a prevention of crime. Look closely. Much closer... Woah! WAYYYYYY too close, people!!! You will get stung!

  Back to the main point. The Green Hornet's lifespan...

-Sigh. I have got the wrong picture again, haven't I? Oh well. Let's start again.-

  A Green Hornet, according to Wikipedia, Google (and believe me, Yahoo! Answer is the one if I have more time) would be this:

  Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen. That is THE Green Hornet combo meals combination. Allow me to explain more. To put it simply, this is an American comic created by an American man about a rich American heir and a Japanese (Chinese in the movie) sidekick. No pun intended, that is really a side-kick.

  Now, everyone can become a Green Hornet.

  Ahem. Sorry for the lack of consideration on my part. But it is true, you know. The above picture/comparison is a VERY good and convincing (if I may say so myself) argument that I, even I, can become a Green Hornet. Someday. One day.

Now, where was I?

  Right. Now that I have officially become a Green Hornet, what would I do to stop crime? Just in case you haven't notice, there are many heroes out there who are all out to stop crime. There is bound to be an overlap.

  Therefore, I have compiled 3 (!!!) ways to stop crime, using examples from the "ever-so-ready" heroes out in the World.

1. Have a superpower.

  Like the typical superhero movies, having a superpower will be a tremendous advantage to stop crime. One may just have to look for the heroes around the World who have plenty of superpowers to help them curb the crimes.

  My example will be the Cicakman (our own superhero himself). And the way to become just like Cicakman?

  i). Find a virus-infected cicak (or Gecko, in English).
  ii). Find a kambing korban (and in this case, obviously it is going to be you).
  iii). Get the cicak to bite the kambing korban.
  iv). Voila! You have become... the Lelaki Gecko!!!
  v). And let's kick some Bad Guy's a$$!

  However, it must be noted that the so-called experiment does not ALWAYS become a successful one. Please bear in mind that in the VERY likely event that it fails, I have nothing to do with it. I learned it from Cicakman the Movie.

2. Be ordinary, even if it is a part-time thing to do.

  I found that the Green Hornet has many similarities to Batman. And no, I am not implying anything here. Just the characteristics are similar. They both rich (in the millionaire/billionaire kind of way), never-do-well boy, beautiful ladies are ridiculously attracted to them, they both have black transportation (black is the new black, I reckon) AND they both have sidekick.

  Of course, these characteristics that I have mentioned are not meant for the ordinary people. No, not at all. What makes you think there is anything ordinary about it?

  However, think again. Maybe it is NOT such a bad idea, after all. However, even if you are VERY VERY ordinary (very much unlike these two heroes), somehow the Rule of Physics still applies to you. In other words, the Bad Guy will still be "attracted" to you, as per the Cicakman movie above.

No good, then. Therefore, if everything fails...

3. Stalk the Bad Guy on Facebook (or if you are so "last-year", you may use Myspace).

  I kid you not. There was even an article this morning about a woman who caught her attacker on Facebook. Seriously.

There you go, people!!! My Top 3 Ways to Stop Crime, which in my opinion, is as good as the ones given out there. Try them, if you want. You may never know, you might have the talent to Catch the Bad Guy in you. ^_^

Green Hornet

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