_of Searching for Nice Blogs (Part II)

  Yes. I'm baccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkk, with this. I've recently found this blog, do not ask me how did I find it, I forgot. :P 

  My Absurd Life is all about sarcasm. It was not at all absurd, that I can assure you. Why I read this blog? She (yes, I found out that it is a she. I did not stalk her or email her or something. It was in her blog.) has a funny and enlightening way to look at the world, the everyday life. Kind of really lighten the mood a bit. However, it is kind of sad that she rarely writes these days.

  Posts that worth reading: Today's Truth and 7 habits of highly defective people. The "7 habits" is very very much highly recommended. ^_^

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