_of Being Boyfriendless and What-is-Wrong-with-Me


  I've stumbled upon an AWESOME story from a blog. Here's the link.

  But just in case you cannot open it, I will paste some of the content below. And where credit is due, here is the author's profile.

"Date a girl who reads. Date a girl who spends her money on books instead of clothes. She has problems with closet space because she has too many books. Date a girl who has a list of books she wants to read, who has had a library card since she was twelve."

...and the story continued. Really, you should read it.

  And then, maybe, just maybe, you don't find us very scary.

_of The Consequence of Marrying a "Mafia-Background" Other Half

  You may not agree, but that is my opinion.

Humble? Not really.

_of Graduation and End of Studies and Origin of My Blog

Last year.

  Yes, I've completed and ended my life as a law student last year. August 2012 was a historical month for me. Not just because it is my birthday month, but also because it was the month of the result.

Result from this University here. Yippee....

  Yes, altogether not-that-happy. My results were not what I've expected, but hey, life goes on. Right? Right?

I've wanted to show you my Graduation photo...

 ...but I did not attend any. 

  Yes, there was some problems back at home that prevented me from attending my once-in-a-lifetime graduation ceremony. But, it is not that bad.REALLY NOT THAT BAD. So, instead, I am going to show you some pictures from Google.

To begin with, we have...

A very cute picture of people graduating...

Then, we have...

Professors telling us the LAST advice which inadvertently does NOT correspond well into our MY reality...

And lastly, SIX months later...

This is what I have come to realize...

  It is the reality of life, though. Sometimes, Q.L. and I "lamented" the "worthiness" of a law degree certificate without the CLP. Apparently, learning from my experience, the degree is useless. 

  However, my decision to take a gap year after my graduation remains unchanged. Not to be regretted, really. After three years of studying, I felt unusually tired of law and hence comes the reason of taking a leave from it. 

  You may ask, how long? Truth to be told, I don't know myself. Maybe a year. Maybe ten years. Maybe forever. 

  Then, you may ask... How could this blog be named "365 days x 3 of Law" if the blogger retire from Law completely? That is why the "x3" is there. That's the years of studies I've needed to complete my studies.

  And when if I continue after my leave, I shall name the blog "365 days x3 of Law PLUS ANOTHER FEW YEARS". See? 


_of Currently Unemployed

...for about 4 months.


*cue the music sound*

This will happen to me, SOON.

And will be unemployed for the rest of the new year 2013...


p.s. I guess I should explain more. Will do so in the next post. It deserves one-hell-of-its-own blog post.