_of Evidence Assignments

  Three essays waiting to be thought of, written down and handed-in to my lecturer. Hmmm. So far, I have THOUGHT about it. 

It is a good progress.

 -> I might need to resort to this kind of excuses. The lecturer has been nagging us for the essays. Saying that we are "naughty students". Yikes.

 -> Whoever that says this to me in the next couple of weeks will get a Look from me. There is no "thinking outside the box" for these essays. I. Just. Need. To. Write. Them. Out.
After thinking about it, of course.

Which may take a few weeks. At least.

 -> This, meanwhile, might just happens if the lecturer keeps nagging us on Monday. I know that it is unlikely to get an answer for "Evidential Problems" in Wiki, but hey, at least I try. Right?

 -> This is how my life will look like in these few weeks, before the Winter Holiday.

 -> While this WILL DEFINITELY happens in a few hours' time.

Dear Me,

 The best of luck with the essays. Gambatte.

_of You Were The Reason Why...

Dear You,

 You were the reason why...

1. I deactivated my Facebook account.

2. I re-activated my Facebook account.

3. I deactivated it again.

4. I re-activated it. Again. And again. And again...

5. I always cry when I watch love-themed movies.

6. I like love-themed songs like Speak Now, One Time and The Things You Never Know.
7. I continue to like law.

8. I do not want to take CLP.

9. I want to go overseas.

10. I don't want to come back.

11. Age is not a matter to me anymore.

12. Neither do religions.

I put my family aside.

My legs always hurt.

15. I rarely take medicinal pills anymore. Even when it hurts. A lot.
16. I've got to know Q.L. better.

17. I've got to know myself better.

18. I changed my clothing style.

19. And my way of thinking, too.

20. I liked white.

21. I turned back to black.

22. I rarely speak to other guys.

23. I choose my friends carefully.

24. I sometimes cry at night. Thinking of you.

My heart hurts sometimes.

26. My hand was bruised on the day you were involved in that accident/fight.

27. My ribcage, legs and waist were hurt on the same day, too.

28. I consider myself stupid because I cannot forget you.

29. I blame myself for making hopes high.

I bought Mr. Sammy in the first place.

31. I like and dislike December at the same time.

32. I always look outside the window of the bus to look at car plates.

33. I do not learn how to drive.

34. I put a high standard over those who drive.

35. I find the skill of driving Zen-like is very important.

36. I like people who act cute...

37. but laughed to near death when Q.L. did it.

38. I always went back home quite late last time.

39. I think some swear words can be funny.

40. I created a new email account.

41. I never opened my old account anymore.

42. I believed in true love and happy endings.

43. I do not believe in true love and happy endings anymore.

44. I turned down my ex and the on-off relationship of 4-6 years.

45. I learned to become straightforward.

46. I write this, before I deny the things in here.

On the other hand...

  I was never the reason you did everything you did. Isn't that right?

P.S. This post is a bit weird, I know. But there are some things that I want to say out loud (or write, if you like), before it is too late. After all, SOME lawyers (and future ones like us) do have massive egos.

_of "I-still-have-a-few-minutes-time!!!"

 Happy Halloween!!!

And while we are at it...

 -> This one is specially for Q.L.  

Dear Q.L.
 Cheers, girl. ;)

 -> Meanwhile, this one is for F.M. 

Dear F.M.
 I cannot find a halloween cartoon with foods on. This MIGHT just be enough.

And these are for everyone else...

P.S.: And it just so happens that by the time I finish this post, I missed Halloween by 6 minutes. Life is cruel.



_of Searching for Nice Blogs

  In my journey of endless search for interesting blogs, I've found one today. Hehehe. Might as well introduce you to it. 

  Cute stuffs in it. Reminds me so much about a person with single life (ehem ehem). Well, I may relate to it sometime. In the near future. T_T

_of Being Voodoo-tised

P.S. Please read this with ABSOLUTE sarcasm. Because that is how I like it to be. However, please be noted that I DO take this matter seriously.

Or bomoh-tized (if you like).

  Well, it started over a month ago. Remember my rashes, my inconsistent fevers etc etc etc? The doctors could not find out what was wrong with me, and it is already a long time, thus my mom and I sought traditional opinions.

The result came out, and I wasn't shocked.

 -> Yupe, you guessed it right. Q.L.'s most "beloved" housemate has done it again. Sigh. At least we know that doctors are still reliable - but only for the ordinary illnesses.

  But it gets to my nerves recently. The "sickness" (if you want to dub it THAT way) currently becomes a pain in the ass (NOT to be taken literally).

  It has gone too far, and I wish she would stop.

 -> However, we know her better than that. She will continue doing so. Therefore, we are looking for another alternative.

 -> Sometimes, I hate to resort to those kind of stuffs.

 -> And this is what mostly happened in the last few days when we tried to find some suitable homes.


 -> Many times, this is what I want to do.


_of Looking At It The Other Way Around and Encouraging Other People

Dear G.Z.,

  I have no idea how you feel, for the obvious fact that I am not you. However, it MAY be like this...

 -> Err. It may or may NOT be right, because we were not around. But you had explained, and it did look like this.

However, let's look at it the other way around...

 -> We know that it was done with our best interest at heart. You had the experience, you know the truth. Therefore...

  -> Just remember, in that High Wall, there is an opening, a brick is missing. It might be hard to climb over, but since there is an opening (however small it is), you can always find an opportunity to slip in. Right?

Keep strong. We stand beside you.


_of Movie Titles and Weird Plots

  I've recently upgraded my "Watching Movies" frequency. Not a big deal, actually, because of the fact that there are many movies this time around (near the end of the year).

  I am obviously not a movie buff (and I do not call myself a movie critic, either), but after watching movies in the cinema for quite a lot of times, I have formulated a theory just for the occasion.

W.H.'s Theory of "Multiple Movies Seen":

  Let me explain. After watching movies like Skrip 7077, Detective Dee, Tiran Mati di Ranjang, Devil, The Child's Eye and You Again (which I watched last night), I have found that they all bear the same curse... 

The Curse of Making-My-Money-Disappears.

  But let me explain more. Devil is an excellent movie, you know the type - the ones that will still have full audience in the cinema hall till the day it is replaced. This is the movie that you have nothing to critic about, notwithstanding the fact that the place is FULL and PACKED with people. ALL kinds of people.

  There is a type of movie like Tiran Mati di Ranjang which you watch just for the sake of the Rated control. And me watching "a-nice-movie-bordering-on-good" will be extremely affected by the fact that a very very 色 guy is sitting beside moi.
  Meanwhile, DO NOT WATCH A MOVIE LIKE SKRIP 7077 WITH A FRIEND WHO HAS NO SENSE OF HORROR AT ALL. You might just get a headache and a very weird "sensation" of wanting to strangle anybody near you.

  And The Child's Eye? Dear Paranormal Activity 2, let thee redeem the concept of "Horror".

  You Again is not too bad, actually. For a chick flick. And a movie which always ALWAYS always has a fairytale/happy ending.

I need to digress a bit.

  Why is it that a Happy Ending is a Fairytale Ending? Who has proof that fairies always have a happy ending?

 -> Note that a picture DOES NOT explain better than a thousand words.


_of All The Things That You Never Knew 你不知道的事

  This is one of the songs that makes you cry while listening to it (wellllllll, at least I did). Funny how this song reminds me so much of you. I shall keep on shaking my head until you are ABSOLUTELY out from it. 
Lyricist:Leehom Wang & Rui Ye
Composer:Leehom Wang


我飞行 当你坠落之际
很靠近 还听见呼吸
对不起 我却没捉紧你


你的泪滴想倾盆大雨 碎落满地

多的是 你不知道的事

  I am feeling rather lazy, therefore, I will not provide the English translation here. Just in case you do not know how to read, speak or listen to Chinese words, this might just make your life a downright hell.

  However, there is a brief meaning to the song.

"There are a lot of things you do not know, such as why I left you, why was I cruel to you, why I just let you cry. Sorry that I cannot hold you tight, even though we are close and I can hear your breathing." 

  That is basically what we called a very VERY very brief translations to this favourite song of mine. (Yes, I do appreciate it if my friends speak Mandarin, coz we can just talk and talk and talk about EVERYTHING without worrying that everyone can understand it).

I have successfully annoyed you guys again, don't I?



_of Praying to God


Dear God,

  I was wrong. I am sorry.

I know that there will be one better for me, for You do not burden those You love with things unnecessary. 

I know that there will be one better for me, for You will not let anyone to be alone in the world, lest there is someone waiting for them in Heaven.

I know that there will be one better for me, for You will not let me stray away from your path of Faith and you want him to guide me.

I know that there will be one better for me, for I have faith in You,

  And You have never leave me.

Yours faithfully,
Your humble servant.


_of Betting a Chance

  I've tried, and it did not work. Maybe we are not meant to be, maybe the timing is not right, maybe this and maybe that.

Or the simplest reason, 
  maybe you do not want it to be.


_of Family becoming Strangers

  Having been sick for 3 weeks now and yet nothing comforting to hear from the family. Wasting money. Really? What if I DO have dengue? Will that waste money, too?

  Apparently, it will be.

Now you know why I prefer friends over family.

It feels rather sad, does it not?

_of Sunway Medical Centre (Trip 2)

  A normal morning.

  A normal early morning.

  A normal very early morning, around 7:55am, in fact.

 -> There is something quirky about the fact that I am beginning to feel like the "Favourite Customer of the Month" in this place. And there is also something unpleasant about having to tell your Lecturers that you are going to miss classes again for the umpteenth time.

 -> But do not judge me by the way I behaved this month. Imagine, for once, that you suddenly feeling nauseous and nearly vomit in the college, without no apparent reason. Surely you will be panicked.

Won't you?

 -> I was consulted by a doctor who was a bit on the quirky side himself. There is something scary about the way a doctor behaves when he or she cannot find what is wrong with you. 

 -> He smiled (yes, he did). And smiled. And smiled. And told you that everything was caused by the meds you took earlier.
Now. Will that sounds assuring to you?

 -> And coupled with the fact that he wrote you 5 (FIVE!!!) prescriptions with long and unpronounceable names which doctors are famous for.

 -> And asked you to stay outside for a while because he really REALLY really couldn't find what was wrong with you, except confirming the fact that you were:

(a) having a fever of 37.28 Celcius.
(b) having rashes all over the body (mostly hands), inexplicably.
(c) having more problems after seeing a doctor of their own the previous week.

-> And the doctor thought that MAYBE, just maybe, you might have dengue.

So now, will YOU not be worried too?

--- Gruesome pictures next --- 

 -> And trust me, you will not like the feeling of being surprised when the smiling doctor told you that you were going to take ANOTHER blood test ON THE SPOT. Plus a urine test. P.S. There will be no pics of urine here. That is WAY too disgusting.

 -> It has the uncanny feeling of being a turtle, caught eating some cabbages (or carrots, in fact) in the spotlight.

 -> When the vet asked you NOT to eat cabbages or carrots for a while.

 -> This is how my hand looked like NINE hours after the blood test.

Nine, people. NINE freaking hours.
And after a deep sleep.


*whining whining*

 -> Thank God, everything was normal. All tests came back negative.

 -> But why am I so NOT happy? Coz it is the fact that the doctor, after that many hours, STILL could not find what was wrong with me.

 -> And give me a new prescription.

Pills to stop nausea.

Now. Can anyone tell me what is the sole reason of me NOT trusting hospitals, clinics, the doctors and those others in the health profession?

P.S.: Queen Lipas is worst. She is diagnosed as being pregnant.


And the hand still hurts. A LOT. T_T 


_of Running Away



Q.L. Is. Coming. Back.

 -> I am the one with four legs.

Call me weird. 

So what?


_of Obsession

 I am now officially obsessed with my blog and Twitter. Life is unfair.

_of Laziness on a Saturday (Part I)

P.S. Listening to "Have You Ever Loved a Woman" while writing a post makes me even more lazy.

 -> I know. For someone my age, Laziness is off the topic. However, on such a nice Saturday like today (without the inconvenient existence of Q.L.), I think a bit of Laziness is allowed.

 -> Q.L. is not dead, nor is she missing. She is just gone for the weekend, and therefore, her disappearance is fully celebrated.

 -> I can assure you 100% that she will feel the same the time I will be gone next. But until that time is here, I. Am. Going. To. Enjoy. This. Moment.

 -> This happened a few hours ago. Not the "Later" section, but three boxes before it. Even though I fully realized that I am still on the Road to Recovery, I succumbed to the temptation of having this as my lunch...

 -> I was so lazy to cook and to do anything else that I used my JPod book (written by Douglas Coupland) as the cover of my instant noodle cup. Needless to say, they survived. Both the noodle and the book.

 -> And I know it, too. With my current health issue in question, I should not be having instant noodle as lunch. (Behave like an adult! Blah blah blah) I had my own share of bad consequence. The noodle tasted so ridiculously bad that I fear the rashes in my mouth came back. 

 -> Thank God, it didn't. But the food still tasted bad.

And I apologize...
But it did not stop me from becoming like this:

So what? Sue me.

P.S. I should stop writing like that. Coz I know with public conscience developing around the world, there may be a time when there is someone on Earth who WILL sue me. Just for the heck of it.

 So, I will change it to...

I'm thinking.

I'm thinking...

 Yes. I do blame it on the blank page/monitor screen, and I do believe it IS caused by evil pencils or evil laptop keyboard.

 They both mean.

 I might become like this next.

And when that happens...

 This will definitely follow.

_of Not Having a Profile Pic in Other People's Blogs

  Why is it that when I follow someone's blog, my profile pic is not shown inside their Follower's box? It's not like I'm a stalker. I have a name, Blogger team!!!

  On a brighter side, I've officially created a club - The Unsuccessful Stalkers Wannabe-Normal Club (TUSW, cool huh?).

The members, so far:
1. Moi.

2. Q.L. 
- She is being such a baby over it. Didn't want to admit that she stalked a bunch of primary kids last night. In a hotel.

3. Q.L.'s elusive friend.
- The friend is okay, for an elusive friend. Might just be supportive enough.

4. You.
I was hoping you would be one, too. But then I remembered that you absolutely have no idea about this little blog of mine. Which renders putting your name in the list here a waste of time.
5. M.A.
- She is a newcomer to this blog. She asked me yesterday why I deactivated my FB. It is worth to mention that when I made another account just for her sake (I deactivated that account, too), I nearly had a panic attack. I guess I am too paranoid over this social network thingy.

P.S.: My list is not complete yet. It surprised me how few members the club has. Therefore, friends and "friends", if you are reading this post, and somehow, interested in letting me know about YOU reading the blog, make a shout-out please. It might just make my day. 

Or shock me. 

Do not worry. I've checked my health. So far, I still do not have any heart-related disease. Good to know, eh?


_of Suicide Attempts

  Gotcha! Relax. I am still not that depressed to attempt suicide. I love myself so much, it borders on the level of narcissism.

  It's the third day after my blood test (time runs very VERY slowly now) and my body continues to show some signs of rashes. And itchiness. So, why this post?

 -> This is a miso soup. I made this for lunch and dinner tonight. I am not an experienced cook, nor am I a talented one,  but because I ban myself from Maggi (err. At least for a few days.), I have to resort to foods that are instant, quick and edible.
 -> Porridge is out of question. I have rashes in my mouth the minute I ate porridge. (How do I know this? I cooked porridge last night. And that is how I confirmed my result.)

 Okaayyyy, back to the miso soup. What's wrong with it, you may ask? Look closely.

Look closelyyyyy.

Not close enough...

Ok. I know you gave up. Let me put up a more detailed pic of it.

 -> Prawns!

  Ok. I know that is not funny. NOT funny at all. But hey. Let me defend myself for a while here. There are some facts about me:

(a) I DO NOT have allergic reaction to seafood.
(b) The doctor DO NOT think I have any allergic reaction AT ALL.
(c) Even IF I do have allergic reaction to those things (and that is a BIG if), it is not that easy to die have a very very bad and terrible effect from it. Right? Right?? RIGHT????

*knock woods*

  But I am still hungry. :(

 -> Q.L. and I have an inside joke about Garfield. Guess how old is he? We reckon he is 44.


 -> There is a grammatical error for this picture. Hungry hungry hippos ARE NOT a singular thing. No matter how hungry they are.

 -> I love this more. More. Much much more.

Slightly related to the topic but of no consequence...

P.S.: You might be wondering about the first two pictures. It is a pic of a table in my room. I DO put a tissue underneath the plastic bowl and my water bottle and inside my containers. I'm a tissue-lover. Tissue-advocate. Tissue-obsessor. So what?

_of Hating FB

  I. Hate. FB. End of story?

You bet it's not. I shall rant on for a few more minutes before I lost all my sanity to the social network website which is making me very paranoid!!!


Dear Mr. MZ (the founder, of course),

  Let's begin with the fact that I have NOT watch "The Social Network" YET but I know that it is more fiction than any other fiction stories outside. I like the actor portraying your ex-best friend/co-founder. He's cute. (Enough with these actors obsession, goddamnit!)

  Why do I hate FB? 

  Is it because it has now become so public that even though more privacy settings are being set up, it still won't be enough? Or is it the fact that we (as the netizens) are given too many choices over who is who in the settings. (Everyone, Friends of friends, Friends -- You HAVE to be JOKING.)

  Is it because of the fact that in order to stalk your exes or your enemies or your frenemy (friends + enemies) or even your parents, you have to first alert them by adding them as your friends? Thus, risking the fact that THEY might stalk you FIRST?

  Or is it the fact that your entire life is under scrutiny because of the oh-so-convenient Tagging service that you have in the Photo Album? Makes it easier if people want to capture the most hideous picture of yours and let THOUSANDS see it. So, now you are more paranoid of a Tag system than of a serial killer. Gee, thanks.

  Maybe it is because of the deactivation settings in the end when you are already fed-up with this website. Even seconds before deactivation, they try to ruin my life by JEOPARDIZING my sanity. "Please tell us why you want to deactivate your account." SO MANY CHOICES AND INSTRUCTIONS UNDERNEATH THEM! Why would I want THAT? Not only that, why ON EARTH would someone whom I've added for the heck of it will miss me when I have deactivated my account?!

  There. I've finished my rants. Will I be sued? 

Long live...

Freedom of Expression.
Freedom of Speech.

Disclaimer: See. The reason why I post this new Post is because I need somewhere to rant. Please bear with the ideas or opinions which YOU (as the high-learning educator) might find VERY cliche, too immature or just plain pitchy/peachy. I am not here to satisfy the requirements for your level of approval. And the last thing I need is people who think I am jealous/intimidated by the success of this network. Please, people. I am just a girl. And I have my own life.



_of Heart that Cannot be Mended

Ten Things I Hate about You:


Dear You,

  Your actions hurt, but that doesn't mean I will hate you. Funny, isn't it?

 While we are at it...

Dear God,

  If he is mine, he will be mine, no matter what happens. Isn't it?

Dear Y.Q.,

  I hope I could meet you, I really do. As an elusive friend, you are gifted in mending a broken heart. I wish mine is as easy to mend.