_of Broken Friendship

P/S: Hiding from a meeting is a very tedious act. You may or may not get paranoid while doing so, and I am 100% sure there is bound to be some traumatic experience at the end of it. Why is a Pot Luck Gathering so important, ANYWAY?????

  Itchy. Itchy. Scratch. Scratch. Damned all the seafood allergic reactions in the world. Grrr!!!

 -> This happens quite a lot of times these days. There are no time to update the blog, (while we are at it, NO TIME TO DO ASSIGNMENTS, either) and therefore, I've gotten myself a Twitter account. 

Sometimes, 140 characters CAN explain what you are doing for the whole day, if your day is as monotonous as mine. Study, sleep, eat, in no particular order. There are times when you wish you have more time in your life, more people to darken your days and more love to brighten your heart. 


 -> This also happened quite recently. He was someone who knew me well, of who I was. But people do change, don't they? And now I have to choose between "Change vs Friendship"? How unfair life can be?

Dear Friend (or Ex, as you like),

  There are many things I want to say to you, but I know neither emails or sms would be enough. You asked me why do I need to change? It's not that I NEED it, it is fairly inevitable. Studying this law course changes a lot of my perspectives in life, and that includes those people that I've met.
  You told me that some people whom you have met affected your views in life. And trust me, that is the same with me. I've seen some people who smile when they are talking to you and say A LOT of bad things when you have turned your back on them. I've seen some people who really REALLY like to bully you just because they are feeling up to it. I've seen some people who break your heart and crush your dreams after you have wholly give it to them.

  I do not want to be judgemental, but you were not there. And therefore, please, for the sake of our friendship, do not condemn my change. It hurts to hear that I need to choose between my protective shield and our friendship. 

Yours sincerely, 

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