_of Suicide Attempts

  Gotcha! Relax. I am still not that depressed to attempt suicide. I love myself so much, it borders on the level of narcissism.

  It's the third day after my blood test (time runs very VERY slowly now) and my body continues to show some signs of rashes. And itchiness. So, why this post?

 -> This is a miso soup. I made this for lunch and dinner tonight. I am not an experienced cook, nor am I a talented one,  but because I ban myself from Maggi (err. At least for a few days.), I have to resort to foods that are instant, quick and edible.
 -> Porridge is out of question. I have rashes in my mouth the minute I ate porridge. (How do I know this? I cooked porridge last night. And that is how I confirmed my result.)

 Okaayyyy, back to the miso soup. What's wrong with it, you may ask? Look closely.

Look closelyyyyy.

Not close enough...

Ok. I know you gave up. Let me put up a more detailed pic of it.

 -> Prawns!

  Ok. I know that is not funny. NOT funny at all. But hey. Let me defend myself for a while here. There are some facts about me:

(a) I DO NOT have allergic reaction to seafood.
(b) The doctor DO NOT think I have any allergic reaction AT ALL.
(c) Even IF I do have allergic reaction to those things (and that is a BIG if), it is not that easy to die have a very very bad and terrible effect from it. Right? Right?? RIGHT????

*knock woods*

  But I am still hungry. :(

 -> Q.L. and I have an inside joke about Garfield. Guess how old is he? We reckon he is 44.


 -> There is a grammatical error for this picture. Hungry hungry hippos ARE NOT a singular thing. No matter how hungry they are.

 -> I love this more. More. Much much more.

Slightly related to the topic but of no consequence...

P.S.: You might be wondering about the first two pictures. It is a pic of a table in my room. I DO put a tissue underneath the plastic bowl and my water bottle and inside my containers. I'm a tissue-lover. Tissue-advocate. Tissue-obsessor. So what?


  1. Hehe! I thought your miso soup has failed due to your rusty cooking ability. Or else you did not have me at your side to guide you. But still okay lah. Now you had succeeded made the soup.

    So, you now allergic with prawns? Or seafoods?

  2. I made the soup better than the last time WE made it together. It's not salty at all, it has a rich flavour, and the seaweeds are excellent.

    One thing, though. Prawns are not good with miso soup.

    Nope. I've waited for the whole night for the rashes to come out. No sign of rashes AT ALL!!!

  3. -.-!!! But still no one finish it for you. So you don't waste it. The ingredients are very expensive.

    No one asks you to put prawns. YOU WASTE MY PRAWNS!!!

    Never mind. Rashes is just a matter of time.

  4. I finished all of it by myself. It was too delicious to waste. ^_^

    Your prawns? Then why you left it beside the shoe rack the other day???

    Nope. No rashes. *stick my tongue out*

  5. -.-!!! I really can't believe you finish all by yourself. Never mind. When I go back you just cook for me. ^^

    Yup. My prawns. By the way, don't throw that box. I want to use it to mail my books.

    Yerrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SO DISGUSTING!!!!!

  6. No. I have rashes. It is infectious.

    Lol. I threw it away. You didn't warn me first. *evil laugh*