_of Hating FB

  I. Hate. FB. End of story?

You bet it's not. I shall rant on for a few more minutes before I lost all my sanity to the social network website which is making me very paranoid!!!


Dear Mr. MZ (the founder, of course),

  Let's begin with the fact that I have NOT watch "The Social Network" YET but I know that it is more fiction than any other fiction stories outside. I like the actor portraying your ex-best friend/co-founder. He's cute. (Enough with these actors obsession, goddamnit!)

  Why do I hate FB? 

  Is it because it has now become so public that even though more privacy settings are being set up, it still won't be enough? Or is it the fact that we (as the netizens) are given too many choices over who is who in the settings. (Everyone, Friends of friends, Friends -- You HAVE to be JOKING.)

  Is it because of the fact that in order to stalk your exes or your enemies or your frenemy (friends + enemies) or even your parents, you have to first alert them by adding them as your friends? Thus, risking the fact that THEY might stalk you FIRST?

  Or is it the fact that your entire life is under scrutiny because of the oh-so-convenient Tagging service that you have in the Photo Album? Makes it easier if people want to capture the most hideous picture of yours and let THOUSANDS see it. So, now you are more paranoid of a Tag system than of a serial killer. Gee, thanks.

  Maybe it is because of the deactivation settings in the end when you are already fed-up with this website. Even seconds before deactivation, they try to ruin my life by JEOPARDIZING my sanity. "Please tell us why you want to deactivate your account." SO MANY CHOICES AND INSTRUCTIONS UNDERNEATH THEM! Why would I want THAT? Not only that, why ON EARTH would someone whom I've added for the heck of it will miss me when I have deactivated my account?!

  There. I've finished my rants. Will I be sued? 

Long live...

Freedom of Expression.
Freedom of Speech.

Disclaimer: See. The reason why I post this new Post is because I need somewhere to rant. Please bear with the ideas or opinions which YOU (as the high-learning educator) might find VERY cliche, too immature or just plain pitchy/peachy. I am not here to satisfy the requirements for your level of approval. And the last thing I need is people who think I am jealous/intimidated by the success of this network. Please, people. I am just a girl. And I have my own life.



  1. Wow! You really geng.

    Deactivate your facebook without telling your friends. Even some person thought you kena suspended. That why they will ask you.

    And also, you mostly will be sued. For defamation. And maybe ISA. Hehe!

  2. Anonymous? *want to vomit liao*

    Won't de. Coz I'm protected under ECHR. Freedom of expression, remember?

    Let's watch "The Social Network" soon!!!

  3. LOL. I want to be low-profile. ^^

    ECHR? Aunty, ECHR is for Europe countries. Since when we become part of them?

    DON"T WANT! I repeat, DON'T WANT!!!

  4. You? Low profile? You cannot even live like a proper, not-much-money student.

    Since I've said so.

    Hey. There is a cute guy inside. Don't miss the chance to ogle at him. ^_^

  5. -.-!!! I'm a low profile person. Everything are quite cheap. At the middle-class.

    Wo pui!!! Good. Then your nationality should already change.

    At where? Who? Faster tell me!

  6. Middle-class wah... Right.

    I don't want to get arrested later. So, no comment.

    He is the best friend of the founder of FB. later go watch then you will see for yourself.