_of Being Voodoo-tised

P.S. Please read this with ABSOLUTE sarcasm. Because that is how I like it to be. However, please be noted that I DO take this matter seriously.

Or bomoh-tized (if you like).

  Well, it started over a month ago. Remember my rashes, my inconsistent fevers etc etc etc? The doctors could not find out what was wrong with me, and it is already a long time, thus my mom and I sought traditional opinions.

The result came out, and I wasn't shocked.

 -> Yupe, you guessed it right. Q.L.'s most "beloved" housemate has done it again. Sigh. At least we know that doctors are still reliable - but only for the ordinary illnesses.

  But it gets to my nerves recently. The "sickness" (if you want to dub it THAT way) currently becomes a pain in the ass (NOT to be taken literally).

  It has gone too far, and I wish she would stop.

 -> However, we know her better than that. She will continue doing so. Therefore, we are looking for another alternative.

 -> Sometimes, I hate to resort to those kind of stuffs.

 -> And this is what mostly happened in the last few days when we tried to find some suitable homes.


 -> Many times, this is what I want to do.

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