_of Laziness on a Saturday (Part I)

P.S. Listening to "Have You Ever Loved a Woman" while writing a post makes me even more lazy.

 -> I know. For someone my age, Laziness is off the topic. However, on such a nice Saturday like today (without the inconvenient existence of Q.L.), I think a bit of Laziness is allowed.

 -> Q.L. is not dead, nor is she missing. She is just gone for the weekend, and therefore, her disappearance is fully celebrated.

 -> I can assure you 100% that she will feel the same the time I will be gone next. But until that time is here, I. Am. Going. To. Enjoy. This. Moment.

 -> This happened a few hours ago. Not the "Later" section, but three boxes before it. Even though I fully realized that I am still on the Road to Recovery, I succumbed to the temptation of having this as my lunch...

 -> I was so lazy to cook and to do anything else that I used my JPod book (written by Douglas Coupland) as the cover of my instant noodle cup. Needless to say, they survived. Both the noodle and the book.

 -> And I know it, too. With my current health issue in question, I should not be having instant noodle as lunch. (Behave like an adult! Blah blah blah) I had my own share of bad consequence. The noodle tasted so ridiculously bad that I fear the rashes in my mouth came back. 

 -> Thank God, it didn't. But the food still tasted bad.

And I apologize...
But it did not stop me from becoming like this:

So what? Sue me.

P.S. I should stop writing like that. Coz I know with public conscience developing around the world, there may be a time when there is someone on Earth who WILL sue me. Just for the heck of it.

 So, I will change it to...

I'm thinking.

I'm thinking...

 Yes. I do blame it on the blank page/monitor screen, and I do believe it IS caused by evil pencils or evil laptop keyboard.

 They both mean.

 I might become like this next.

And when that happens...

 This will definitely follow.


  1. Hello Miss Pandai, I never celebrate when you leave for weekend. Tell you one bad news, I tomorrow afternoon will come back. Maybe even morning.

    I can't believe you will take a book as the cover. Why don't you just use Terry Pratchet's book? ^^ More convenient.

    "I'm thinking" this sentence so familiar. Is this from Night At the Muzium 2, The Thinker?

  2. I know I'm clever. By the way, you are just jealous that I have the chance to be alone for 4 days in a row, it's a chance that you rarely get.

    JPod is heavier and thicker. That's why used it. I was planning to use Ian Dennis, but it is too big, I was worried the cup won't stand the heavy weight.

    Nope. It is my original words. No copycat!!!

  3. LOL. You don't know that one is sarcastic oh. Muahahaha! Chey! I last time also have the chance to be alone. Room alone.

    Wow! You really she de oh. Ian Dennis? Just use it since you don't like that book. Hehe!

    NO! I remember that sentence is from that movie. When that Amelia went to ask The Thinker for the hints.

  4. No. You are hopeless at being sarcastic.

    She? Me? What were you thinking????

    Then, should I find out who said the first "Hello"?