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  I've recently upgraded my "Watching Movies" frequency. Not a big deal, actually, because of the fact that there are many movies this time around (near the end of the year).

  I am obviously not a movie buff (and I do not call myself a movie critic, either), but after watching movies in the cinema for quite a lot of times, I have formulated a theory just for the occasion.

W.H.'s Theory of "Multiple Movies Seen":

  Let me explain. After watching movies like Skrip 7077, Detective Dee, Tiran Mati di Ranjang, Devil, The Child's Eye and You Again (which I watched last night), I have found that they all bear the same curse... 

The Curse of Making-My-Money-Disappears.

  But let me explain more. Devil is an excellent movie, you know the type - the ones that will still have full audience in the cinema hall till the day it is replaced. This is the movie that you have nothing to critic about, notwithstanding the fact that the place is FULL and PACKED with people. ALL kinds of people.

  There is a type of movie like Tiran Mati di Ranjang which you watch just for the sake of the Rated control. And me watching "a-nice-movie-bordering-on-good" will be extremely affected by the fact that a very very 色 guy is sitting beside moi.
  Meanwhile, DO NOT WATCH A MOVIE LIKE SKRIP 7077 WITH A FRIEND WHO HAS NO SENSE OF HORROR AT ALL. You might just get a headache and a very weird "sensation" of wanting to strangle anybody near you.

  And The Child's Eye? Dear Paranormal Activity 2, let thee redeem the concept of "Horror".

  You Again is not too bad, actually. For a chick flick. And a movie which always ALWAYS always has a fairytale/happy ending.

I need to digress a bit.

  Why is it that a Happy Ending is a Fairytale Ending? Who has proof that fairies always have a happy ending?

 -> Note that a picture DOES NOT explain better than a thousand words.

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