_of Rain

  For those of you *squealing fans* out there, it is not that Rain.

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I find no whatsoever attraction in him...
...other than the fact that he is good looking. *blush*

Enough of that Rain. Let's talk about the more general rain.

  It's 4:48am, and it's raining. It has been raining heavily for the whole day yesterday, with the occasional thunder and lightning.

   For those who know me really well, I rejoice when it rains. For the simple reason that I have a very deep affinity towards water (rain in particular). 

This would be how I look like if only I have a raincoat to begin with.
  And yet, yesterday, too, was the day I broke someone's heart. And the day I found out how cruel we would be in order to find our own happiness. With that in mind, I learn to be matured and grateful.

With that in mind, I just want to say:

Dear YQ,
Thank you for everything.

_of Breaking Other People's Heart

Dear Ex,

  Blame my selfishness, and nothing else.


_of It Sucks When...

1. It sucks when... 

You missed someone but you cannot meet them.

Or him. *ahem*

2. It sucks when...

You found a great job but you have to deal with some of the staffs' attitude problems.

It becomes childish (even) when you bite each other's head every few minutes.

3. It sucks when...

I want to write tonnes of entries for my blog but I cannot find anything to write about.

To Q.L., this has something to do with my "creative juice" runs dry.

4. It sucks when...

There are so many movies in the cinema but most of them are pretty much the same.

Err. For illustration purposes only.

5. It sucks when...

You buy original copies of TV series but they still cut some of the scenes inside.

Makes you wonder how to fight piracy if this continues.
but mostly...

6. It sucks when...

..but it sucks more when...

Other people feel the same, too.

 Lesson of the Day for myself: Feel grateful, do grateful and be grateful *with the intonation of Sarah Newlin's Feel Good, Do Good and Be Good in True Blood series*.

Which makes Q.L. crazy. *evil laughter*


_of Jahatkah Aku? (Part II)

p.s. Part I is never controversial in the first place.

 This is going to be a way-more-than-serious entry.

  I am never much good in expressing doubts or questions in writing, maybe it is because I tend to think of them more discreetly in a corner slot of my brain or something. But one thing I never understand, if you let someone go, why would you want to retain some control over their lives?

  I know I will never be the most angelic person you have ever met, nor the most reasonable one you could ever talked to. But how wrong can I be if I am not willing to say anything about their actions? For example, telling me something is morally wrong does not change the fact that it is their decision for or against it, not mine. Why, then, hurt people I care the most about it?

  From a third party's view, it is funny (often borders on the edge of hysterically ridiculous) that you need to be getting all worked up about it. For once, isn't it no longer any concern of yours? Correct me if I am wrong, but now it is my wrong when I don't stop or advice people about their behaviour? Since when giving opinion is wrong?

  So, where is the so-called rights of individual? I cannot always be supportive or against anything that is morally or politically wrong to you. Maybe you forgot, or maybe it wasn't your concern, but hey, I have my own problems to take care of.

  Therefore, stop pestering people that I care the most just because you don't like how they react to your news or you don't like it when they give the "wrong" sort of advice to other people, or even to me. You may not realize it, but often, no one ever appreciate being scolded right on face or being told off at.

And FYI, that was the guy that I like whom you were talking to. Show some respect.

p.p.s.: Sentences all jumbled up. So be it, just this once.

_of Summer Job (Kitchen Helper Version)

  I need a summer job.

There, I've said it.

  This summer vacation leaves me with nothing to do in so much time. Therefore, I have devised a way to advertise my own skills in my own original way. Behold...

Kitchen Helper version

  For those out there who actually own/manage/supervise a cafe/restaurant, please find enclosed the "Top FIVE Reasons of Why You Should Hire Me Indefinitely":

1. I know when a Lobster needs its Butter Bath.

  Obviously, you people know what is a lobster and what is a butter. For those of you who don't know (let's say, having reasons equivalent to being under a Rock for years or staying in a Stone Age), lemmejustputsomepicsupforyou...

...this is a lobster.
...and that is butter.
   So, it is (to me) a very exceptional skill to drown cook a lobster in a butter bath. And I am proud to say that I  knew how to do that from scratch.

After this, you just don't wanna mess around with me.

2. I know for a fact that salt is vegetarian in nature.

  Many people think that salt is derived from animal and stuff. Think again. What I will tell you might just blow your head away, and it won't return back to your neck. Just trust me when I say...

3. When Nature gives you Carrot, you have to stop Carrot Violence.

  Some of you might not know it, but Q.L. is equivalent to a carrot. 

That is Q.L.'s caricature.

  So, imagine her surprise when I say, an owner/manager/supervisor of a cafe/restaurant should hire me because I pledge to...

4. Something about Cheese.

  Ahh. Cheese. We are so on a right track here with cheese. 

There is runny cheese.
There is hidden cheese.

...and that is SO NOT a cheese.

  But you know what can I do to impress you? I know (with my eyes closed) that...


5. Two different things put together would mean ONE single thing.

  Well, you recognize corn...

...and you sometimes seen hair around...

(or was that two sentences the other way around? Never mind.)

  I will bet $3.85 that the current owner/manager/supervisor of my dream job in his/her cafe/restaurant does NOT know that...

...we never do that. Not professionally, I mean.

So, FIVE (!!!) reasons are not enough for you? *encore encore* More, you meant?

Last but not least...

Extra: Unlike some people (like Q.L. apparently), I know what is a tomato and a mango.

  And before you throw it on my face, I know the image above is a red capsicum. *smug-looking smile*


who wanna hire me?


_of Searching for Nice Blogs (Part IV)

p.s. I might need a complete index for "Nice Blogs I've Read" very much sooner than I thought it will be if this continues. By the way, just check out Part III, it also linked to the other Parts available.

This is NOT the correct depiction of yours truly.
  I reckon it is a teeny bit late to introduce the Sharing Machine Comic (nope, it's not technically called a blog, it's rather a comic-blog, or coblic, if you wish), but whatyoudoknow, I still want to introduce it.

Behold, Natalie Dee 

  I am not sure what do you expect me to write about this coblic, but from time to time, I often get my ideas to write my entries from them. Oh, you say you wanna check out some pics from the website? Here goes...
It's the Frog from my previous entry.

   So, apparently (WH's Favourite Word of the Month), I love the coblic so much, that I would like to show you some more comics...







You wish. Go check it out yourselves at Natalie Dee, why don't you? And be nice about it. Cheerios!

What I wished fervently could happen.


_of Jumbled Thoughts (Part II)

p.s. For Part I, look here.

  My previous entry was nothing but exams. Yes, I believe it did bore you to death, but I am relieved to say that it was just part of my life post-exam. And here, lies another big part of it.

_of Whooping Some @ss.

  I know that some people are meaner than everyone else around them, but it is no excuse. When a person is going out of their comfort zone just to be nicer to you, please return the same treatment. And that includes YOU.

  Oh. And don't tell me that it is a cycle of life. It. So. Freaking. Not.

_of A New Housemate.

  Apparently, we got ourselves a new housemate for a few months now. Hardly anything to talk about, except...

Yeah, that is how annoying a housemate can be.

_of Watching Movies in the Cinemas.

  Since it is the summer vacation for us, Q.L. and I started to raid the GSC for movies, movies and movies (what else is there to do?). We have seen...
i) Kongsi ("Lu Lansi, Lu Mati")

ii) Pirates of the Caribbean ("Yeah, feelings. Damn you.")

iii) Karak ("Encik~ Boleh tolong saya tak, encik?~~")
iv) Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules ("Deny. Deny. Deny.")

v) Priest ("I pray for my own salvation.") 

and also...

_of Types of People in the Cinema.

  Apparently, just by going to see movies a few times each week, you will get to know many types of people. And ranking first in Q.L.'s Most Annoying Moviegoers would be...

...this kind of ladies. ^_^

_of Abs, Abs and more Abs.

  Recently, we also seen a bit too many abs around. Before you start saying Pervert! or other similar words with similar meanings, let me explain why it is so.

Reason Number 1:

Cue in "Screammmmiiiinnnngggggg~~~~"
Reason Number 2: 

Err. I don't want to see GZ's non-existent abs ANYMORE!!!

  And God forbid me, if I see this type below once more...

I would SCREAM like hell!

_of Having Wild Nights Out.

For once, this has nothing to do with me or Q.L.
*Doesn't mean I approve of it, Mr. Guy.
_of Being Called "Racist".

  Before getting all worked up about it (and start saying blahblahblah), I use the term in situations like below:

...and last but not least...

_of Being Called Other Names.

  Q.L. has started her crazy streak of name-callings. Thus far, she managed to call me...

...a Rotten Monkey (or Monkeress, if you wanted it to be).

...a Rotten Tomato.

...which I  prefer to be this, thankyouverymuch.

...and a Pisang Buruk. Hahaha, very funny.

  All in all, a very interestingly busy and busily interesting couple of weeks we had. Cheers for many more to come.

p.p.s.: For whom it may concern,

We all have our own lives to live. So do you, I believe. If not, Get A Life. A normal one, that is.

_of Post Exam Effects

*start screeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaammminnnnnggggg*
  Funny how everyone started talking about the exams after it is over. And before you ask, I won't tell you a single thing about MY exams. However, since I know you people will never ask, I better tell you all about its after-effects. And bore you to death while I am on it.

1. The Lack of Sleep.

For illustration purposes only (I mean, come on guys, do you really think I'm THAT bald?)

  What so ironic about it was that we didn't manage to get any sleep only during the night before the exams. There's always a reason for it.

Me being cool before exam and whatnot.

Yeah, right.

  Trying to keep the spirit of a student alive, of course I did this instead...

Not LITERALLY, of course. Last time I checked, I never had that kind of superpowers.

And believe me, I did check.

  It wasn't "nice" to cram law facts at the last minute, because you can get a lot of unimaginable and unthinkable consequence weird stuffs happening to you, which brings us to the second effect.

2. A never-ending list of illnesses.

  Like mentioned before, "cramming" law facts at the very last minute is no fun to be dealing with. There's no way you would want to go to SMC or TMC for check-ups, you might just need to grit your teeth and bear with it.

  Those illnesses come in various ways, from the most usual ones...

...greenish like The Hulk...

...throwing up last night's dinner...
to the most unusual yet very common reactions..



I am (repeat after me) Miss Desperado~~

  Okay. Let's just cut it out.

3. Other Miscellaneous Problems.

  You would think that the stuffs ended right at above, didn't you? It goes on after the exams...

...like finding a 1001 possible treatments using aspirins...

...having wisdom tooth to grow... (this actually happened to Q.L.)


...looking dead smug (coz there will not be ANYTHING left to do for another 3 months)...

and finally...

Being. Just. Downright. Crazy.

Trust me on this, because I've been there, and I've done that. Uggh.