_of Jahatkah Aku? (Part II)

p.s. Part I is never controversial in the first place.

 This is going to be a way-more-than-serious entry.

  I am never much good in expressing doubts or questions in writing, maybe it is because I tend to think of them more discreetly in a corner slot of my brain or something. But one thing I never understand, if you let someone go, why would you want to retain some control over their lives?

  I know I will never be the most angelic person you have ever met, nor the most reasonable one you could ever talked to. But how wrong can I be if I am not willing to say anything about their actions? For example, telling me something is morally wrong does not change the fact that it is their decision for or against it, not mine. Why, then, hurt people I care the most about it?

  From a third party's view, it is funny (often borders on the edge of hysterically ridiculous) that you need to be getting all worked up about it. For once, isn't it no longer any concern of yours? Correct me if I am wrong, but now it is my wrong when I don't stop or advice people about their behaviour? Since when giving opinion is wrong?

  So, where is the so-called rights of individual? I cannot always be supportive or against anything that is morally or politically wrong to you. Maybe you forgot, or maybe it wasn't your concern, but hey, I have my own problems to take care of.

  Therefore, stop pestering people that I care the most just because you don't like how they react to your news or you don't like it when they give the "wrong" sort of advice to other people, or even to me. You may not realize it, but often, no one ever appreciate being scolded right on face or being told off at.

And FYI, that was the guy that I like whom you were talking to. Show some respect.

p.p.s.: Sentences all jumbled up. So be it, just this once.

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