_of It Sucks When...

1. It sucks when... 

You missed someone but you cannot meet them.

Or him. *ahem*

2. It sucks when...

You found a great job but you have to deal with some of the staffs' attitude problems.

It becomes childish (even) when you bite each other's head every few minutes.

3. It sucks when...

I want to write tonnes of entries for my blog but I cannot find anything to write about.

To Q.L., this has something to do with my "creative juice" runs dry.

4. It sucks when...

There are so many movies in the cinema but most of them are pretty much the same.

Err. For illustration purposes only.

5. It sucks when...

You buy original copies of TV series but they still cut some of the scenes inside.

Makes you wonder how to fight piracy if this continues.
but mostly...

6. It sucks when...

..but it sucks more when...

Other people feel the same, too.

 Lesson of the Day for myself: Feel grateful, do grateful and be grateful *with the intonation of Sarah Newlin's Feel Good, Do Good and Be Good in True Blood series*.

Which makes Q.L. crazy. *evil laughter*


  1. "Feel grateful, do grateful and be grateful"?

    She's no more Newlin. Haha! But still, hate to see her face and another hypocrite.

    Wish them get drank by vampires!!! ^^

  2. hey~
    follow & walking here too..

  3. @EEM: Ex-Newlin, then. who cares? Lol. Cannot wish like that, later got karma...

    @iLmi: hey, thanks for following. :)