_of Jumbled Thoughts (Part II)

p.s. For Part I, look here.

  My previous entry was nothing but exams. Yes, I believe it did bore you to death, but I am relieved to say that it was just part of my life post-exam. And here, lies another big part of it.

_of Whooping Some @ss.

  I know that some people are meaner than everyone else around them, but it is no excuse. When a person is going out of their comfort zone just to be nicer to you, please return the same treatment. And that includes YOU.

  Oh. And don't tell me that it is a cycle of life. It. So. Freaking. Not.

_of A New Housemate.

  Apparently, we got ourselves a new housemate for a few months now. Hardly anything to talk about, except...

Yeah, that is how annoying a housemate can be.

_of Watching Movies in the Cinemas.

  Since it is the summer vacation for us, Q.L. and I started to raid the GSC for movies, movies and movies (what else is there to do?). We have seen...
i) Kongsi ("Lu Lansi, Lu Mati")

ii) Pirates of the Caribbean ("Yeah, feelings. Damn you.")

iii) Karak ("Encik~ Boleh tolong saya tak, encik?~~")
iv) Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules ("Deny. Deny. Deny.")

v) Priest ("I pray for my own salvation.") 

and also...

_of Types of People in the Cinema.

  Apparently, just by going to see movies a few times each week, you will get to know many types of people. And ranking first in Q.L.'s Most Annoying Moviegoers would be...

...this kind of ladies. ^_^

_of Abs, Abs and more Abs.

  Recently, we also seen a bit too many abs around. Before you start saying Pervert! or other similar words with similar meanings, let me explain why it is so.

Reason Number 1:

Cue in "Screammmmiiiinnnngggggg~~~~"
Reason Number 2: 

Err. I don't want to see GZ's non-existent abs ANYMORE!!!

  And God forbid me, if I see this type below once more...

I would SCREAM like hell!

_of Having Wild Nights Out.

For once, this has nothing to do with me or Q.L.
*Doesn't mean I approve of it, Mr. Guy.
_of Being Called "Racist".

  Before getting all worked up about it (and start saying blahblahblah), I use the term in situations like below:

...and last but not least...

_of Being Called Other Names.

  Q.L. has started her crazy streak of name-callings. Thus far, she managed to call me...

...a Rotten Monkey (or Monkeress, if you wanted it to be).

...a Rotten Tomato.

...which I  prefer to be this, thankyouverymuch.

...and a Pisang Buruk. Hahaha, very funny.

  All in all, a very interestingly busy and busily interesting couple of weeks we had. Cheers for many more to come.

p.p.s.: For whom it may concern,

We all have our own lives to live. So do you, I believe. If not, Get A Life. A normal one, that is.

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