_of A Book with a Bite (or Two)

  I have just finished reading The Book (Dead Reckoning, by Charlaine Harris), after going straight into it with much vigor (for more or less, six hours plus some occasional stops) than what I am expected to do with -hmm.. let's see- Land. I know you will hate me for jumping to the point like this. Maybe I should backtracked a bit?

  But before that, if you were asking about my whereabouts and ongoings (or, wheregoings and onabouts), I would say "making exam notes, reading and memorizing them until I vomited white froths, spurted pints of blood from my nose, starved myself to the point of dizzying (and blackouts/fainting) etc etc etc.

 -Yes, before you dismiss that to the point of oblivion, it happened literally. I know, it was really unbelievable, but if you saw me for the last few months, you would know I was a helpless drug-addict, because I had been taking medicine pills every single day just to get through the sickness. And that was after going to a private hospital to have check-ups. Some doctors we have here. *roll eyes*-

  Okay. Whining mood put aside, we are back to the situation at hand, which is...

"My Favourite Books of the Month"

  Okay. For those of you who never seen any of these titles in your life, maybe you have seen another version of it like this...

  Really, no? -breathe in, breathe out- Then you must be more reclusive than me (I didn't get to watch the HBO series). Oh well. But for those of you who are in, just to irritate, annoy and even make you green with some kind of deep jealousy...

I have finished reading this, too.


Bugger off, you'd say?

  I know a review-etiquette is needed for those who haven't get their hands on this latest novel of the Sookie Stackhouse's series , so before I write more...


Let's see if I can nail it to the letter...


I think I summarized it rather well, if I said so myself. And this calls for the occasion.

"Top Reasons why I prefer Sookie Stackhouse series"  
more than the Twilight Saga (or the Vampire Diaries that the girls have been watching recently):

1.  Bubba is cool. Though I never liked his songs, I have a good time trying to picture him with cats in a dark alley -while ERASING the mental image of him draining their blood-

2. Eric is well, Eric. A cool, arrogant Viking? Check. An intelligent man running his own bar? Check. A sheriff with some cool underlings? Check. -My all-time Mr. January? You bet he is. *blush*-

I've started to think that this current post is only appropriate for adults. Let me know if I am wrong.

3. Fighting and killing actions might not be gore to the point of Saw or Scream 4 (was it Scr4am or Scre4m), but it was enough blood for me. -I know you will start to rattle on House on the Haunted Hill or Stay Alive. I just knew it.-

Oh, look! It's a fairy-horse-which-has-nothing-to-do-with-the-above-statement.

  Well, I can continue on and on if you like. But I am sure you will get bored soon enough. So, why don't you just grab one of the series and tell me why you enjoy Twilight a helluva more?

No. It was never a wrong question.

p.s.: Q.L. bought the full ten books of the Sookie Stackhouse series. I had the opportunity of reading them first, some without her knowing, some with her full objection, ALL with her feeling of dejection.

If you think that she is crazy to buy that many books, wait till you hear my story. I have 32 out of 33 books of the Discworld series (by Terry Pratchett), the only thing stopping me from buying the 33rd one is because they no longer sell one in any of the bookstores. 


_of Lack of Posts

  You might see that this blog lacks posts recently. (Thank you to point that out, Miss Utterly Obvious).

  By the way, this is because I am having my Final Exam Month. Will update a long long entry as soon as I have my long-awaited freedom.

That is just cruel of me, I know.


_Two Cents of Mine

...which I think is really worth your money.

To the Most Annoying and Irritating Guy Ever Alive,

  You are such an asshole.

Thank you.

*It is a late reaction coming from me, please excuse me while I am trying to blame it on the recent Trusts exam I had (which, coincidently, was the time I "talked" to MAIGEA).

I love sarcasm.

p.s.: So, anyone wants to tell me why this other post garnered a lot of US audience recently? It is a million-dollar-question, I know, but someone is bound to know, isn't it?


Emotional drain - to have people closely related to you let you down.