_of Emo Time (Possibly When Reading a Novel)

  I know, I've promised that my previous entry would be the last "emo" entry that I've posted. However, sometimes a girl is only a human, and a human will only do as much.

  Allow me to digress a tiny bit. While leafing/scanning/skipping through reading a Chinese novel, I've came across this Preface (do you actually believe I've "accidentally" came across a Preface? I have to admit, I do have this weird disease of reading from front to back, line by line - including the Publisher Info.)

No wonder people say I look like this.
But I never believe them, coz I prefer this.

   So, back to the main point. The Chinese novel I mentioned earlier is this...

Yes, I know. It looks OLD. What to do? I am very 老派.

_of the preface I was talking about...


-- Excerpt taken from the novel 媒人请进门 by 蔡小雀

  Before you people come and bash me around the head, let me point out that this novel is available online here or here - for those who want to read the whole novel in full and with bigger font size than what is given above. 

  You may now ask, "what is so-big-deal about it?" This, Young Sirs and Madams, is how I feel these days. I am sure you had this kind of feeling...

...some time in the past.

...or some time in the future.

No? Well. You may just think of it as an academic question.

_of How to describe the feeling (or to translate the preface above)?

  How can you forget someone? When all that is in your mind is the memory of his presence, his smile - every slight expression that he had? He is the first image in your mind when you are awake; he is also the last image you would recall before you go to sleep... (and the preface goes on...)

  "But most importantly, how can you forget someone? When all your memory is filled with him; too strong until you cannot seem to remember how was it before he entered your life. 

  How can you forget someone? When you know deep down that all the things have ended, and yet you still cannot shake the tiniest flicker of hope away. 

  How can you forget someone? When you are constantly reminded of his presence, him being around you - even though with someone new.

  And tell me, how can you forget someone? When everything that he does remind you so much of everything in the past - the past which was all about him and you."
-- Not within the preface, these italic words are mine.


Maybe all I need is to keep the heart away...

Or maybe I need more time...

Or MAYBE, I just need this...

If I ask $5 for each hug, I will get... Err. Many many dollars in the future. Yay!!!

Or, I might be okay with...

...a pile of leprechaun gold

...a haunted mansion

...a talking car

...AND Danny Messer.

  Or just Danny Messer. One is enough. *wink wink*

P.S.: This post has become a joke in the end. So much for being an emo.

_of Something rather Related to the Haunted Mansion...

"You have a BRIGHT future, young one. Hold on to the dream. You can scare them away, trust me."


_of Being Followed in a Blog

"When I Am Down"
  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... I've recently put up the "Followers" section at the end of the blog, and I just found out that NO ONE* follows me, NOT even Q.L. 

P.S.: Q.L.'s saying - "But I follow you secretly" doesn't even justify her action. Err, or the lack of it.

*[Updated on 25/02/2011: A few people followed me thus far. Thanks, people!!] ^_^

  So, just to "kind of" incite you to Follow my blog, these are a few things about me that you might be interested in...

_of Ten Things About Me that might just let me be a teeny bit interesting to you...

1. I am currently studying law course in a campus. (Let's not call it a "campus" again, coz it is really small.)

This is a hell-of-a-brilliant-plan if we still have MCQs.

2. I have 2 housemates and one roommate. Housemates are rarely included in my blog, except when they annoy me much (or when they are being hilarious, like today). 

  However, my roommate is Q.L. (Kudos for those who guessed it right.) No matter how much I blasted Q.L. in my blog, the fact is that I really REALLY really treat her right in real-life. No, I am not lying, you can ask her about it. But, a word of caution - She bites.

This is how she looks, when she is in her Good Mood.

3. And no, I am not a lesbian. Just in case you are still not persuaded, you can check my last few entries. They were all about a guy I had a crush on (and I have to say, I am really proud of myself, coz the feeling lasted a VERY LONG time), but nothing came out from That Crush. And that I am so heartbroken, that I need time to heal my wound.

Can you see Q.L. heals this? I will NOT even trust her with a paper bag.

4. I have a big family. However, we don't live together as a whole big family. Half of them are working somewhere in other places, and it is hard to gather around the Old House, even during the festive days.

Minus the Dog. I never have a Dog in my entire life. But you can change it to a box of little chicks, three big rabbits, or even a NOT-talkative parrot.

5. I have a deep interest in writing. Story-telling, actually. And, I am known to have a very sarcastic way of speaking - at least, to those few who are VERY close to me. But I am really nice, really. At least I don't bite, NOT like Q.L.

I am trying to achieve this level of language proficiency/eloquence.
In NO circumstances do this reflect my current situation. This is merely an illustration.

6. Q.L. is NOT the only person I know in my entire life. *roll eyes* (I am not that reclusive, you know.) But since my other friends live/study in different places, we hardly get together, and as I seldom go back to my hometown, I hardly see them at all these days.


7. I am rigid, I do admit. Once, my friends even claimed that I have the opinions of a VERY OLD, LOGICAL, and REALISTIC lady. They got me on the word "OLD".

Weeeeeeeeee... So, this is me, then?

8. No, I am not THAT old. How OLD can a person be? 926 years old? Number is just a diversion, it is not the main thing that makes you the way you are now.

This cartoon is in no way related to the above statement.

9. I am really bad at Maths.

Not this bad.

THIS bad.

  You might think that there is nothing wrong with it, but sometimes it is really a disadvantage. Q.L. and my other friends are EXCELLENT in Maths. I don't know, maybe I missed the memo for the Advanced Maths class last few years.

10. And last but not least, I am REALLY friendly.

With my current "Lion King" mane, this is an understatement.

  So there you have it, the Top Ten Facts of Me. I guess now everyone will be scared/terrified/horrified/petrified of me that they run away faster than I say "Thank you".



_of A "Lack-of-Plot" Story of the Eve Dinner

  As created in my Facebook account, which I had just recently re-activated, thanks to the endless nagging from Q.L. which, when translated by my brain cells, goes like this: "You have never afghjadfufyqeihwelhjqewidlnklwqe@#%$**&@ !!!"

  So, I guess the main star of the sentence above is the symbol !!! which was tripled and bold-ed. (I am not sure whether the last word even existed. But hey, it's Christmas! Does anyone care?) I am sure there is someone out there who cares, really I do, I am not being sarcastic or something. And JUST FOR YOU, Sir/Madam, I present this to thee - Chillax article

  Let's start the ALOPSED thing. We might get to the end of it before the dusk ends, and the morning begins. ^_^

The Turkey, who is the LEAST important cast in ALOPSED.

  In a far, far Land of The Turkey's Kingdom, there lives a Turkey. Of course, we cannot deny the fact that its stomach belly front body has been carved into with a sharp, SHARP knife. But at least, it is NOT talking back to you.
  In that Land, besides The Turkey, there lives...

Err. Wrong picture. But we will come back to this soon. VERY soon.

Another wrong picture. Sorry. These two are ordinary mocktails. WAY too ordinary, in fact, that it does not harm me to comment that it is delicious, only when served cold.


  ...The Reindeer. It is cute, alright. But it has less importance in the stor, as in the case of you and your next-door neighbour. 

  Alongside these two VERY confusing members of the Land, we also have...

A fully and completely single and available lady-in-waiting-for-the-turkey-to-be-carved-and-eaten.

...and also...

A monkey.

  Err. Sorry. Sorry. A typo error. She is Q.L., by the way. Just in case you don't know her. And what is her role in ALOPSED, you may ask? (No. I decline your intention to ask. You have absolutely no right to ask me about her. But you can ask her yourself. Mind you, this girl BITES.)

And how could we missed the Evil, melted Snowman itself? It is NOT always out to conquer the Land, by the way. As often indicated in a fairy-tale story, where the most evil man is the kindest of all.

The Turkey's Gingerbread House. And my forefinger, pointing to it there.

  To cut a VERY, very, very long story short, this is what happens...

Q.L. too horrified to look...

...as I stabbed The Reindeer myself. 

  To clarify, WE are the Evil Ones. And since we...

...conspire together. As CLEARLY indicated by this picture here. 

  Let me digress a bit. You do understand how "conspiracy" works, don't you? It is often by way of two people, huddled together...

...like this.

...or like this.

  ...and start to discuss what to do when The Owner of a Land far, far away, goes completely missing, or get a nasty disease that prevents him from seeing anyone, ANYONE, at all. All done INNOCENTLY, and without foresight or proximity. None at all, this I promise you.

  By the way, this is a criminal offence, that when charged, is guilty of Treason. If I remember correctly. But in case I was wrong, feel free to correct me. But you do not have to send me a bomb or anthrax or something, you can just Write. Me. A. Comment. 

Back to the story...

  But, alas! Our conspiracy was revealed. It does not really matter who was the scumbag the person who revealed it. The only thing matters now is that we goes into hiding, like this apparently...
With a smile...
Or a creepy half-body.
  But before we do exactly That, there is still a time to...

...strike a pose, nudge the person beside you off the camera, and CLICK!

The end.

Merry Christmas, everyone! And Happy Holidays!!! ^_^

Hor. Hor. Hor. 
P.S. A Christmas entry WILL NEVER EVER EVER be completed without the signature laughter of Dear Mr. Santa Claus.


_of Girls Day Out

  Right. I have need must would like to write an entry about Q.L. and my Salon Trip on Thursday (yesterday, that is). There were tons of pictures taken after we came back from the trip, but no in-betweens. (Sorry. Q.L. STRICTLY forbids me to take her "Before" and "On-going" pictures. You guys would have to settle for the "After" piccies.)

Q.L. and me. Yupe. That will be us. With the new haircut(s).
  The cost for Perm + Cut + Treatment is rather expensive. But since I kind of bored with the old hairstyle, I have decided to pamper myself with a Lion King mane.

Me with tousled-up hair. Going to learn to be a pro at this.
  Q.L. said she prefers me to do my hair this way, coz it looks like I have taken an enormous amount of effort to get my hair done. I think that this is a photo meant for a hairdo during a wedding photo shoot.
  Let's see if I have something else worthy in store.

This is a clearer version of...

  That's it. Over 4 hours in salon is wasted on two hairstyles. Q.L. and mine. And over RM1K has gone down the drain. You must be wondering what has Q.L. done to her hair, right? Since I am feeling generous this time of Christmas, I might just give you a picture...

...of her highlights. ^_^

  I am mean. I know that, since 685 years ago. But who is counting, right? Anyway. Back to the topic. I have the Cutest-Yet-The-Most-Incriminating Picture EVER in here.


P.S. For the record, you DO NOT want to know what happened on Wednesday when we celebrated 过冬. It was a nightmarish event, I tell you. But Q.L. was so HYPER-excited about it, that She. Just. Wants. More. T_T

The Season of the Witch is Here

  Let's try this, shall we? There is a contest held by Nuffnang about Season of the Witch and those interested have to write an entry about "What Scares You Most about Witches". I might end up babbling, but it is worth a try.

_of What Scares Me Most about Witches...

  Some people say, the scariest thing about Witches is that they are the "cackling hags with pointy hats, zooming around on broomsticks and messing around with weird potions" (Err. In this case, "some people" is used in the context of Nuffnang staffs.) I would probably disagree starting from this point.

  Let me digress. My argument would be, "Have you meet those cackling hags that you described as The Witches?" I have seen a fair share of cackling "hags" (do relatives count?) but it has never crossed my mind that they are in some kind of occult practices and are practising as Witches. It would be cool, though, if they are.

  So, we are back to the important question - "What Scares Me Most about Witches?" As far as I allow my imagination to run wild (mind you, it can run TOO wild sometimes), there is this thing called "Misrepresentation".

Guys out there might think this is the best thing after Iphone 4, but they could be Witches, you know.

Yes. This is EXACTLY what scares me the most about Witches. They can change from looking drop-dead gorgeous to just drop-dead... muddy. 

  See my dilemma here? I could possibly worship a gang of Witches here and not know it. And the next thing you know, I might get caught in a Witches-mania.

Or even Potter-mania.

   Of course, all is great when the Witches looked like the Hollywood actors and actresses portrayed in movies. But what if they look like THIS?

I believe this is the desccription that the Nuffnang staffs gave.

  So, there you have it, folks! "Misrepresentation" is what I think the Scariest Thing about Witches existed out there (if any). Because for all I know, we might already fooled by the Witches who conquered our world.

Who can prove that he was not a Witch? For the record, he left us with e=mc². And that is a very Witchly thing to do, if I say so myself.

Season of the witch
Don't forget to watch this movie, though!!! ^_^