_of A "Lack-of-Plot" Story of the Eve Dinner

  As created in my Facebook account, which I had just recently re-activated, thanks to the endless nagging from Q.L. which, when translated by my brain cells, goes like this: "You have never afghjadfufyqeihwelhjqewidlnklwqe@#%$**&@ !!!"

  So, I guess the main star of the sentence above is the symbol !!! which was tripled and bold-ed. (I am not sure whether the last word even existed. But hey, it's Christmas! Does anyone care?) I am sure there is someone out there who cares, really I do, I am not being sarcastic or something. And JUST FOR YOU, Sir/Madam, I present this to thee - Chillax article

  Let's start the ALOPSED thing. We might get to the end of it before the dusk ends, and the morning begins. ^_^

The Turkey, who is the LEAST important cast in ALOPSED.

  In a far, far Land of The Turkey's Kingdom, there lives a Turkey. Of course, we cannot deny the fact that its stomach belly front body has been carved into with a sharp, SHARP knife. But at least, it is NOT talking back to you.
  In that Land, besides The Turkey, there lives...

Err. Wrong picture. But we will come back to this soon. VERY soon.

Another wrong picture. Sorry. These two are ordinary mocktails. WAY too ordinary, in fact, that it does not harm me to comment that it is delicious, only when served cold.


  ...The Reindeer. It is cute, alright. But it has less importance in the stor, as in the case of you and your next-door neighbour. 

  Alongside these two VERY confusing members of the Land, we also have...

A fully and completely single and available lady-in-waiting-for-the-turkey-to-be-carved-and-eaten.

...and also...

A monkey.

  Err. Sorry. Sorry. A typo error. She is Q.L., by the way. Just in case you don't know her. And what is her role in ALOPSED, you may ask? (No. I decline your intention to ask. You have absolutely no right to ask me about her. But you can ask her yourself. Mind you, this girl BITES.)

And how could we missed the Evil, melted Snowman itself? It is NOT always out to conquer the Land, by the way. As often indicated in a fairy-tale story, where the most evil man is the kindest of all.

The Turkey's Gingerbread House. And my forefinger, pointing to it there.

  To cut a VERY, very, very long story short, this is what happens...

Q.L. too horrified to look...

...as I stabbed The Reindeer myself. 

  To clarify, WE are the Evil Ones. And since we...

...conspire together. As CLEARLY indicated by this picture here. 

  Let me digress a bit. You do understand how "conspiracy" works, don't you? It is often by way of two people, huddled together...

...like this.

...or like this.

  ...and start to discuss what to do when The Owner of a Land far, far away, goes completely missing, or get a nasty disease that prevents him from seeing anyone, ANYONE, at all. All done INNOCENTLY, and without foresight or proximity. None at all, this I promise you.

  By the way, this is a criminal offence, that when charged, is guilty of Treason. If I remember correctly. But in case I was wrong, feel free to correct me. But you do not have to send me a bomb or anthrax or something, you can just Write. Me. A. Comment. 

Back to the story...

  But, alas! Our conspiracy was revealed. It does not really matter who was the scumbag the person who revealed it. The only thing matters now is that we goes into hiding, like this apparently...
With a smile...
Or a creepy half-body.
  But before we do exactly That, there is still a time to...

...strike a pose, nudge the person beside you off the camera, and CLICK!

The end.

Merry Christmas, everyone! And Happy Holidays!!! ^_^

Hor. Hor. Hor. 
P.S. A Christmas entry WILL NEVER EVER EVER be completed without the signature laughter of Dear Mr. Santa Claus.

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