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  Right. I have need must would like to write an entry about Q.L. and my Salon Trip on Thursday (yesterday, that is). There were tons of pictures taken after we came back from the trip, but no in-betweens. (Sorry. Q.L. STRICTLY forbids me to take her "Before" and "On-going" pictures. You guys would have to settle for the "After" piccies.)

Q.L. and me. Yupe. That will be us. With the new haircut(s).
  The cost for Perm + Cut + Treatment is rather expensive. But since I kind of bored with the old hairstyle, I have decided to pamper myself with a Lion King mane.

Me with tousled-up hair. Going to learn to be a pro at this.
  Q.L. said she prefers me to do my hair this way, coz it looks like I have taken an enormous amount of effort to get my hair done. I think that this is a photo meant for a hairdo during a wedding photo shoot.
  Let's see if I have something else worthy in store.

This is a clearer version of...

  That's it. Over 4 hours in salon is wasted on two hairstyles. Q.L. and mine. And over RM1K has gone down the drain. You must be wondering what has Q.L. done to her hair, right? Since I am feeling generous this time of Christmas, I might just give you a picture...

...of her highlights. ^_^

  I am mean. I know that, since 685 years ago. But who is counting, right? Anyway. Back to the topic. I have the Cutest-Yet-The-Most-Incriminating Picture EVER in here.


P.S. For the record, you DO NOT want to know what happened on Wednesday when we celebrated 过冬. It was a nightmarish event, I tell you. But Q.L. was so HYPER-excited about it, that She. Just. Wants. More. T_T

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