The Season of the Witch is Here

  Let's try this, shall we? There is a contest held by Nuffnang about Season of the Witch and those interested have to write an entry about "What Scares You Most about Witches". I might end up babbling, but it is worth a try.

_of What Scares Me Most about Witches...

  Some people say, the scariest thing about Witches is that they are the "cackling hags with pointy hats, zooming around on broomsticks and messing around with weird potions" (Err. In this case, "some people" is used in the context of Nuffnang staffs.) I would probably disagree starting from this point.

  Let me digress. My argument would be, "Have you meet those cackling hags that you described as The Witches?" I have seen a fair share of cackling "hags" (do relatives count?) but it has never crossed my mind that they are in some kind of occult practices and are practising as Witches. It would be cool, though, if they are.

  So, we are back to the important question - "What Scares Me Most about Witches?" As far as I allow my imagination to run wild (mind you, it can run TOO wild sometimes), there is this thing called "Misrepresentation".

Guys out there might think this is the best thing after Iphone 4, but they could be Witches, you know.

Yes. This is EXACTLY what scares me the most about Witches. They can change from looking drop-dead gorgeous to just drop-dead... muddy. 

  See my dilemma here? I could possibly worship a gang of Witches here and not know it. And the next thing you know, I might get caught in a Witches-mania.

Or even Potter-mania.

   Of course, all is great when the Witches looked like the Hollywood actors and actresses portrayed in movies. But what if they look like THIS?

I believe this is the desccription that the Nuffnang staffs gave.

  So, there you have it, folks! "Misrepresentation" is what I think the Scariest Thing about Witches existed out there (if any). Because for all I know, we might already fooled by the Witches who conquered our world.

Who can prove that he was not a Witch? For the record, he left us with e=mc². And that is a very Witchly thing to do, if I say so myself.

Season of the witch
Don't forget to watch this movie, though!!! ^_^

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