There is everything about me you might want to know. But there is also the possibility that you are 139% not interested. I take the latter view most of the time.

  • I do not have a Facebook account. As updated on 5th August 2011, I do have a Facebook account. 
  • As currently updated today (24th of January 2013), I've no longer have any (I repeat, ANY) Facebook account. It is just too tiring to stalk keep track of ex-boyfriends dear sweet old friends. 
  • Little blue birds tweeting is not that appealing to me, except when they become the appetizer in my meal.
  • Myspace is complicated.
  • Friendster is very much "last-year". "coming back", but no, I don't have it, either.
  • But you still can reach me:

P.S. Feel free to drop a comment, or stalk follow me. ^_^


  The owner/writer of this blog does not owned any cartoon images included in here, except for pictures taken with her phone.

  All the cartoon images are taken from somewhere else (in other word, Google-d) and will only be mentioned if it is taken directly from its source (its own website).