_of Lies, Lies and Many Lies

Wake up, heart.
   It is officially over, I guess. Many lies, be it intentional or accidental, may result in my heart being corroded continously. I love my heart. Be kind to it.

From now on, makan hati je la aku nie...

p.s.: Tonnes of Homework, with the capital W. I am also officially buried by textbooks. Oh. And Miss D's notes.



It's been a long time since my last entry. A lot of things happened, many not intended. 

Hmmm... I wonder.


_of In So Many Words... (Part 1-Family)

Part 1: Family

  Everyone has their own family. I know, in any time of your life, you might hear someone next to you or even a stranger passing through the road and sees you being down and all says that they don't have a family. Yes, you might just get a tiny bit of sympathy towards them, but they are lying. Big time.

  It may sounds harsh, but we all have family. Oh wait, you lose me there, don't you? Let's backtrack a bit. Directly taken from the Oxford Dictionaries website, apart from the usual meaning of "family", it also means people having the same ancestry (if you believe in Adam and Eve) or if you are Darwinism deep at heart, then it means coming from the same evolutionary group (ape, anyone?).

[However, I myself think it is funny why people associate Darwinism with apes. Seriously, if evolution is THAT thing, shouldn't it be cells and micro-organisms instead? But let's not distract ourselves.]

  Apparently, I have an excellent, supportive family. Okay, scratch that. Who am I kidding? Of course I have an insanely annoying family. We all do. That is what a family is for. Being crazily irritating and so on. However, as I Grow Up (read: spent lots and lots of my parents' money), I do realize that sometimes (okay, many times), they do support me. They do look after me. And they do love me. 

How much more corny can you get? It's getting cheesier still.

  Though I feel grateful towards them and wouldn't mind kissing the ground they are walking (on second thought, I DO mind kissing the ground they are walking. God knows how many bacterias there is on the floor. Yucks.), more often than not, I do feel the pressure of having to listen to all their advices and suggestions. I mean, ALL.

  Okay, 'fess up. How often are you being threatened by your family or else there will be no allowance for you? How many times have you heard that something is not good for you and yet they  do it? How frequently are you asked to get marry soon with the person they like? (okay, the last question is obviously not depicting my situation. But there are people who do that. Believe me.)

  The question being, how much longer can you follow? To me, till death do us part should NEVER been used for husbands and wives. It should be for the families. But then again, you might want to add more to the sentence slightly: Till death do us part, but then again, maybe not.  

p.s. No disrespect for those who really do care for their family. I salute you.

_of In So Many Words...

  I have always wanted to write more in so many words, some thoughtful words from the heart. And as it is a month of self-improving, the "segment" will be (hopefully) aptly called In So Many Words. Self-explanatory, too, there will not be any pictures involved. So, you may skip them altogether if you dislike it. 

  But, I hope that as time goes by, it will grow on you, just like the idea has been growing inside me for a long time and I think it is the time to realize that idea. 

"When ideas are not just ideas, but more in so many words..."

p.s. Don't worry, every so often I will write usual posts too. It won't disappear as it is the heart of this blog. Consider this as a "branch of the headquarter", shall we?


_of Patience being more that JUST a Virtue

  I believe the title is self-explanatory. 

That might be me.

  Having a new in-law in the house means a lot of things have changed for the family. And many a time, complaints made regarding my "unenthusiastic and unwelcoming" behaviour towards the newlyweds pissed me off.

  Many a time, therefore, I have a tendency to do this...

But being the scaredy-cat that I am (read: su la 卒仔)...
...I tend to bottle it up.

  As it is the month of Ramadhan, patience is more than JUST  a virtue.



_of P.S. Man *squeals the Fan-Girl*

偷心大圣 P.S. 男

  Please allow me a few minutes of becoming a raving lunatic fangirl.

That's...er...the "raving fan-girl".

  And so that you will be forced to watch it, I won't write any review. Enough to say, this drama series gets the rating of...

...4 out of 5 from me!!!

  And just in case you are not persuaded yet...

...maybe this would make you?
  Or just in case that cannot possibly persuade you still, I shall have to show you my personal weapon...

Enough said.


_of Deja Vu, My Secret

Let us start this story with Stewie.

  You know Stewie. You don't? Well, well. Perhaps you would remember The Song?

Lois: It seems today,
That all you see,
Is violence in movies,
and sex on T.V.

Peter: But where are those good old fashion values....

All: On which we used to rely?!
Lucky there's a family guy!
Lucky there's a man who,
positively can do,
all the things that make us...

Stewie: laugh and cry!

All: He's a Fam-ily Guy!

  Still don't? Nevermind, at least I've tried.
But let's just pretend to start from there, shall we?
Cue in...

...and the heavy storm, if you insist.
  A long long long time ago, I had the opportunity to become a Stalker in the Internet, which I believe is in direct contradiction with this post I wrote eons ago.

Iknowwhatyouwannado. Allow me, please. I'm trying to help you save the time.

  After the usual nonsensical beginning of a story...

...like this...

and before you ask me to do this...

  Allow me to give you a rather depressing theory:

"You are one in a million. And there are 6++ billions people on Earth. So, there is the tiny but accurate assumption that there might just be another thousand of you minus one around. Yes?"
  Now, I know you guys would just love to...


...in a WWE-Smackdown! style and...

...by just saying,

I found his doppelganger!

p.s.: Just to mend your heart...

I should just stop the issue already, right?

_of Ramadhan Al Mubarak

A belated wish for all Muslims out there. 

Happy fasting to all Muslims!

_of Creating a New Facebook Account

  I have reconsidered the pros of opening a new account for "easy access".

Only the "pros", mind you. That's all.
  And voila, feel free to find me there! ^_^


_of Small yet Important Countdown

  For the sake of me (really, how easy do you think to type "Small yet Important Countdown" once in every two rows of sentences of a full-page post?), let's just abbreviate it to SIC.

By the way, please do not confuse it with other SICs. Not that there is any worth mentioning here. *ahem*

Take it literally.

  I believe in Faith and Destiny. I also believe life works in THAT particular way it has been set.

Ignore that. It has nothing to do with the post.

  Few weeks more before my result is out. And I am having panic attack now. Of course, everyone keep saying there is no use to be nervous by now. It has all happened blah blah blah. But I cannot help it. I am human, am I not?

Somehow, it makes you feel better.

  Okay. A few weeks and everything will be revealed. OhGodpleaseletmepasspleaseletmepass.

Back to the "panic attack" issue. I discovered this in Google...

   However, there is something wrong with the image above. And then, it hits me. This is not a Guide. You can call it what you want - be it manifesto, statement of facts etc etc. 

So, where is my Guidelines?

p.s.: I found out I did not mention any SIC word in the whole post. Well, sometimes, inevitable things do happen. Surprises me too.


_of Marriage

16th July 2011...

Eldest sister is happily married.



_of The Cases of Highly Interesting People

  If you were a bookish person like I do, you would definitely know the famous-amous book of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey.

Note the word "know", not "read". Because I know the book, but I never read it.

And just for your information, it has nothing to do with this post. Ha!

  But I want to talk about CHIP. I had the privilege of meeting/knowing these people who work in a mysterious and highly interesting ways that I cannot fathom. Cue in...

...The Mysterious Persons...

CHIP #1: The couple in the cinema.

  Q.L. and I were watching a movie. Not just any movie, but The movie.

I bet you thought it was the Transformers, didn't you?

  And what can be CHIP about this? Well, a couple sat at my far left (note the word "far"). And throughout the time, there was this annoying bumping/jerking actions from them. After the n-th time they did it, I was pretty damned annoyed. Cue in...

...my annoyed face.
  See, I was watching a comedy and I had to keep an eye on my bag for fear of safety (which was put near them, no one was sitting on my left). I didn't think anything was amiss at that time, so I continue to watch my movie (coz I paid, see. I've paid.)

  After the movie, I told Q.L. about it and highlighted my annoyance. What surprised me was that she said she saw the girlfriend's legs were crossed on top of the boyfriend's lap.

Issue #1: Let's leave it to the imagination about what they were doing. But honestly, people, it's a freaking children-rated movie. Not some lovey-dovey romantic chick flicks. And justsoyouknow,thepeoplebehindyousawexactlywhatyouweredoing.

CHIP #2: The skinny-like-a-woodboard girl at the food court.

  Yes, I could see that you were so thin and skinny and all. And I admit, I am not thin and skinny and all. However, skinny lady, there is a reason why there was a signboard asking you to "PLEASE QUEUE". There is really no need to...

 ..nor to...

...sneak around us (to cut the Q, so to speak).

Issue #2: The two characteristics are well-known through two. I did not believe for one second that you are the number one type, which is...

...a thief.
   So, that leaves us with the number two option.

If you were this, I must be an absolute idiot for not taking a picture of you.
One word for this particular lady:
With that attitude, no one would dream of becoming your cupid.
Just saying.

CHIP #3: The kids at the bookstore. 

  Though I labelled them as kids, they were in fact teenage boys. Which kind of explained their CHIP behaviour, really.

  Cue in...

...a highly well-known bookstore...

and some "kids" who went there obviously not for reading/buying any kind of books...

Kids, you are equivalent to this Annoying Orange. See how annoying that is?

Issue #3: Well, for one, I was there to read books. And I knew that I wasn't in your way, except if you count ignoring your childish "Hi~~", then I do apologize. Therefore, it stands to reason that your comment about my body would not have any effect on me. 

And if you think your nasty little remark is going to leave me crying for days, it goes to show you are kids, lil' boys.

So, there you have it. My own compilation of CHIPs. Do you have some?


_of Jahatkah Aku? (Part III)

  • Just for the sake of it, I will be writing this entry in Melayu baku. (Part II is there somewhere).
  • When I say "melayu baku", I intend to use "aku-kau". Not because I am not "sopan" or anything, but that is the way (culture, if you may) we speak.
  • "We" means by my family, relatives and friends. Don't ask me to use "saya/saye/cik siti" because that is so not me.
Let's begin.

  Aku tau aku jahat. Sebab kakak dah nak kahwin, aku pulak main selamba jak. Tapi dorang tak tau yang aku memang tak suka tempat banyak orang. Bukan apa, takda faedahnya aku di sana. Bukannya boleh buat makanan pun. Baik aku tolong family aku jaga rumah, ada jugak pahalanya. 

  Ya lah, aku tau apa ko mau cakap. Mesti ko nak cakap, "ehh... nanti ambil gambar family, ko xde macam mane pulak?", "ehhh... betulkah makcik ada anak pompuan sorang lagi? nape die tak datang?", takpun ayat laser kakak sepupu aku, "nahh... tu la ko, lambat balik. Ndakda sudah baju mu untuk dipakai time kahwin nanti. MUAHAHAHHAAA."

  Lepas tu pulak, memang lumrah alam jak la tu. Aku mesti cakap dgn dorang, "eleh. Bukan salah aku lambat balik. MAS tiket mahal. Airasia habis kena rampas. Tunggulah bapak beli MAS atau Airasia nanti. Boleh jugak aku terbang free-free."

  Tak pun, aku cuba try lawak berani mati aku. "Saja jak tu aku ndak mau balik. buat saspen sama kamu semua."

  Oh. I am so dead by then.

  Tapi kan, mau buat muka serius nie. Aku memang tak suka wedding reception/ceremony. So, jangan paksa aku pegi, boleh?

I know this is included in the list. But hey, I am going to live with myself for the many years to come, so I would like to decide for myself, thankyouverymuch.

p.s.: If you need any translation regarding the above entry, feel free to ask. I won't bite. I just chew.


_of Get Well Soon

Dear YQ,

  I know having a fever sucks, and it gets worse if coupled with...

...coz most of the time they  do the procedure above, it is either because:

a) you have dengue;
b) you have some inexplicable/incurable diseases;
c) they simply have no idea why you are sick.

  And I am hoping that you will get (c), because, well, at least you know you are not in (a) or (b) kind-of situations, which in my opinion, are way much worse than the third one. You are still entitled to your own opinion, though (it has nothing to be with you being sick).

I take pride in being impartial, which I am 117.36% sure that you would not agree to that.

So, here wishing you a speedy recovery, and don't think too much. Yet.

I lied. I have a cat, but Iamsonotgoingtogiveittoyou.

  Rest well.


_of Being Yellow-ish?

  I think it is time to stop all this craziness about Yellow, don't you think? Coz 9th July is going to end soon, so instead of thinking of...

...Yellow being the New White (???)

...which kind of makes you think really; if Yellow = New White, then what is White? Old White, is that so? What is Old White, by the way?

Google told me this is an Old White. Makes you wonder, don't you think?

and also...

...DigiMan being arrested. Come on, guys. That person is everywhere.
How on Earth could you catch him? 
(please note that Everywhere here is not defined by Everywhere in the Whole World, but rather an Everywhere where certain RedMan and BlueMan are not capable of hanging around).

  Therefore, in order to be normal-ish again, let's go back to think of Yellow being associated with...

...small chicky chicky...

...a very reliable bus in relation to going to school...

...an emotional SpongeBob (andpleasestoptalkingaboutCapitalismwhilewearehere,too)...

and also...

...whatever that is.

  And last but not least, let's not resort to violence by showing love to our country, just like the things you do on every Saturday for Mother Earth. 

Oh wait. You don't know what happen today?

  I would say, Good for you, young sirs and ladies. And may God bless you!!!

Just a rough idea, I assure you.