_of Get Well Soon

Dear YQ,

  I know having a fever sucks, and it gets worse if coupled with...

...coz most of the time they  do the procedure above, it is either because:

a) you have dengue;
b) you have some inexplicable/incurable diseases;
c) they simply have no idea why you are sick.

  And I am hoping that you will get (c), because, well, at least you know you are not in (a) or (b) kind-of situations, which in my opinion, are way much worse than the third one. You are still entitled to your own opinion, though (it has nothing to be with you being sick).

I take pride in being impartial, which I am 117.36% sure that you would not agree to that.

So, here wishing you a speedy recovery, and don't think too much. Yet.

I lied. I have a cat, but Iamsonotgoingtogiveittoyou.

  Rest well.


  1. I think Option C is quite bad too. If it was me, I'd rather know what's happening than "I dunno what's wrong with me".

    Anyways, just happened to find your blog, nice blog! :)

  2. LOL at Iamsonotgoingtogiveittoyou..

    I'd rather they tell me:

    There's nothing wrong with you... it's all in your head...

    Meh... not going to come true!

  3. @Zazabong: Really? but it happened to me once. I went to a private hospital and no doctor knew what was wrong with me. But I am still fine, thank God... Hahhahahaa...

    @Pou Leen: If they said that, it's time to find a psychiatric already. Not meh? :P