_of The Cases of Highly Interesting People

  If you were a bookish person like I do, you would definitely know the famous-amous book of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey.

Note the word "know", not "read". Because I know the book, but I never read it.

And just for your information, it has nothing to do with this post. Ha!

  But I want to talk about CHIP. I had the privilege of meeting/knowing these people who work in a mysterious and highly interesting ways that I cannot fathom. Cue in...

...The Mysterious Persons...

CHIP #1: The couple in the cinema.

  Q.L. and I were watching a movie. Not just any movie, but The movie.

I bet you thought it was the Transformers, didn't you?

  And what can be CHIP about this? Well, a couple sat at my far left (note the word "far"). And throughout the time, there was this annoying bumping/jerking actions from them. After the n-th time they did it, I was pretty damned annoyed. Cue in...

...my annoyed face.
  See, I was watching a comedy and I had to keep an eye on my bag for fear of safety (which was put near them, no one was sitting on my left). I didn't think anything was amiss at that time, so I continue to watch my movie (coz I paid, see. I've paid.)

  After the movie, I told Q.L. about it and highlighted my annoyance. What surprised me was that she said she saw the girlfriend's legs were crossed on top of the boyfriend's lap.

Issue #1: Let's leave it to the imagination about what they were doing. But honestly, people, it's a freaking children-rated movie. Not some lovey-dovey romantic chick flicks. And justsoyouknow,thepeoplebehindyousawexactlywhatyouweredoing.

CHIP #2: The skinny-like-a-woodboard girl at the food court.

  Yes, I could see that you were so thin and skinny and all. And I admit, I am not thin and skinny and all. However, skinny lady, there is a reason why there was a signboard asking you to "PLEASE QUEUE". There is really no need to...

 ..nor to...

...sneak around us (to cut the Q, so to speak).

Issue #2: The two characteristics are well-known through two. I did not believe for one second that you are the number one type, which is...

...a thief.
   So, that leaves us with the number two option.

If you were this, I must be an absolute idiot for not taking a picture of you.
One word for this particular lady:
With that attitude, no one would dream of becoming your cupid.
Just saying.

CHIP #3: The kids at the bookstore. 

  Though I labelled them as kids, they were in fact teenage boys. Which kind of explained their CHIP behaviour, really.

  Cue in...

...a highly well-known bookstore...

and some "kids" who went there obviously not for reading/buying any kind of books...

Kids, you are equivalent to this Annoying Orange. See how annoying that is?

Issue #3: Well, for one, I was there to read books. And I knew that I wasn't in your way, except if you count ignoring your childish "Hi~~", then I do apologize. Therefore, it stands to reason that your comment about my body would not have any effect on me. 

And if you think your nasty little remark is going to leave me crying for days, it goes to show you are kids, lil' boys.

So, there you have it. My own compilation of CHIPs. Do you have some?


  1. Lol, all these happened in a day?

  2. No, thank God it's not. I've suffered enough. Hahahhaaa...