_of Small yet Important Countdown

  For the sake of me (really, how easy do you think to type "Small yet Important Countdown" once in every two rows of sentences of a full-page post?), let's just abbreviate it to SIC.

By the way, please do not confuse it with other SICs. Not that there is any worth mentioning here. *ahem*

Take it literally.

  I believe in Faith and Destiny. I also believe life works in THAT particular way it has been set.

Ignore that. It has nothing to do with the post.

  Few weeks more before my result is out. And I am having panic attack now. Of course, everyone keep saying there is no use to be nervous by now. It has all happened blah blah blah. But I cannot help it. I am human, am I not?

Somehow, it makes you feel better.

  Okay. A few weeks and everything will be revealed. OhGodpleaseletmepasspleaseletmepass.

Back to the "panic attack" issue. I discovered this in Google...

   However, there is something wrong with the image above. And then, it hits me. This is not a Guide. You can call it what you want - be it manifesto, statement of facts etc etc. 

So, where is my Guidelines?

p.s.: I found out I did not mention any SIC word in the whole post. Well, sometimes, inevitable things do happen. Surprises me too.

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