_of Awesome Desserts vs. Headache-Induced Desserts

P.S.: This will be a pretty long entry, brace yourself! 
First thing to be dealt with:

Let's agree on this.
 So, what shall a girl eat on a Saturday's night? 

Okay. This is a sick joke. I shall not do one anymore.
  A girl eat this instead...

...and rightfully do so, too. What is "calories" except words invented by Men to scare the living off?
  Therefore, like the awesome free people that we are people that are highly conscious about the importance of desserts, Q.L. and I stormed went to Pavilion and tried a new kind of desserts (new to us, that is).

  If, by now, you are still not sure whether Snowflake is the "Awesome Desserts" or the other one, then you can be excused. At the moment. However, at the end of this post, if you are still feeling doubtful about it, I suggest you "pack your bags, take out your whole lifetime savings, hail a cab out of nowhere, and rush into Pavilion 4th floor, and order one of their bestselling Desserts".

  Pictures (just to tempt your taste buds) are included here:

This is their Top Bestseller. I don't like it personally. Neither did Q.L. It was rather ordinary, I'm afraid. But the "yellow dumplings" are delicious. It has a sweet chewy texture that borders on the edge of "delicious".   

Apparently, Q.L. and I agreed that this is the best Snowflake Dessert that we have ever tasted. Not that we have tasted everything, mind you. We are as picky as the person sitting next to us at the kiosk there. It's called the "Soy Bean Series", quite delicious. And the soybean-flavored ice was heaven. Or music to our ears. Or the dawn of the new beginning. If you get what I mean.
We went to Pavilion twice just to get our hands on this Dessert. Consider this fact: when you are living somewhere in PJ, if you are willing to go to Pavilion on a Saturday or Sunday night just to eat some kind of desserts (for more or less half an hour), and then go back home, then you must understand that it might just be the best Dessert ever.

This is a variation of the Soy Bean Series, they have 5 to choose from. But Q.L. and I did not like it, it has black glutinous rice in it. And some other unmentionable dark stuffs. Yep, very dark indeed.
Q.L.'s favourite drink. It is the famous Pearl Tea. The tea is worth to be mentioned, though. We can never get over the fact that they use Jasmine Tea. It is weird, but the tea smells nice, and though it tastes weird, it is addictive. 

My favourite. My quote: "难喝到我喜欢", and it is true. It has a very distinct smell (Jasmine tea) and a very distinct taste (Tea Lime Jelly) that I think it comes from the other side of "deliciousness". 

And Q.L. thinks I'm weird.
  Enough with that. I have done introducing our new fave Desserts in town. It is time for the "headache-induced" ones. Please note that this is clearly my own thoughts and my personal taste, therefore, in no way that I am condemning any products. Just be fair to me, okay?

We will start with this. This is me. Having eaten the "headache-induced" desserts, I clearly had some issue of "splitting head".

Then, it went on to "getting the feel of being electrified". The headache was too hard to bear, I had to grind my teeth and hoping against hope that my hair won't turn out like this tomorrow.

A few minutes later. This is what I had become. Clearly, you have noticed that I have gone from being nearly bald to full of wavy hair, but that is not the point. You can still count on getting wrinkles, joints dislocating, and toothless teethless.

A few hours later. I was such a wreck.  

   So, you might want to ask me, what kind of desserts does the "heart-wrenching, head-stabbing" moves on me?

Black "puddle" = brownies. Not included: hazelnuts.

Black "cubes" = truffles.


_of Something Unrelated that Somehow Got into This Post...

P.S.: "Saturday". It was not a typo, nor did I forgot what day it is today. I just reckon, when something "good + bad + everything in between" happen, it is always on a Saturday. No? Well, at least it DOES that in the books I read.

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