_of Things I Found Out Today

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1. of F&N...

  (through Nuffnang) is giving out complimentary movie vouchers to those who participated in their previous Magnolia Sherbet contest (which unfortunately, I did not win anything. But feel free to check my entries: The Parody, The One-Liner Title, and The-Actual-Post-That-Still-Did-Not-Make-Me-Win-Anything). Sigh.

Yes, I'm blabbing.
  So, to cut things short, and simple, and precise, and exquisite, Nuffnang (as mentioned above) asked us to get the vouchers from their office. So, like the very "kepoh + kiasu" person that I am really made of, I checked the address from this Google Map.

Bummed straight to Middle Age, mate.
  So, I Found Out that the office is situated in...



Let's try again.

  So. Through my careful analysis and excellent deduction skills, I've finally managed to find (insert the drum rolls here) The Office on the map. Therefore, I'm happy. But I still need to think about going there, that's just so faraway.

2. of Google Search...

  What surprising treats I got when I opened my Google Search this morning. I saw these...

  And I thought: Oh-my-God-,-someone-much-short-and-round-has-chopped-off-a-girl's-head-with-a-quill...asdjaflbprugio@#$%!!!

As usual, that is not true.

  I Found Out that it is actually some Brancusi sculptures. Now now. Don't ask me who this Brancusi is or what the sculptures really mean. Check them out yourself. I am only interested if it is about "Someone Very Short And Round Who Has This Fetish Thing About Killing People With A Quill".

...and done in the Harry-Potterish style.
3. of North Korea...

  For a bit of the World News, Wednesday was Kim Jong Il's birthday (as I Found Out through Wikipedia). How is this related to my post? Not in any way at all. Just so you know, in case you are interested in him. 

4. of Me Being Lazy and Procrastinating...

It's 11am, and I still haven't get my breakfast and last night's dinner.
  14 essays due this Tuesday. I shall need all my lucky charms, my imaginary friends, my excuses ("my cat ate the grandma who took my essays home to read", "I don't have a dog. The phantom dog must have eaten my essays. Screw it!!!" etc etc) and ABSOLUTELY everything else just to get at least ONE done.

Life's Good.
Yeah, right.

P.S.: If you ask, where the heck is The Office? It is "surrounded" by PWTC, Suria KLCC, Masjid Jamek and Bank Negara. Now you know the reason for my reluctance to go there. ^_^

One more excuse: 'Essays? What essays?" 

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