A Magnolia Sherbet A Day For The Best and The Rest


I assure you, this is still a sherbet post.

You may ask, how is a post about sherbets apocalyptic in nature?

  Maybe I am being too dramatic here. But one cannot deprive me the rights to show you the connection between an apocalypse and a Magnolia Sherbet. As the saying goes, if you cannot convince them, confuse them.

  Err. Ahem.

  According to Wikipedia (what else?), "apocalypse" is derived from the Greek word "apokálypsis" which carries the meaning of "lifting of the veil" or "revelation". Of course, it has a far-fetched and doomed-feel-like that people (normal ones, like you and me) tend to steer clear from.

  So, how about this?

Teenage zombies.

Cute aliens.

Back to the point. 

  I can see that you still cannot see the connection between an apocalypse and a Magnolia Sherbet (in this case, my favourite Melon-flavoured ones). Let's view it in a different angle:

Ahhh... Now we are on the same plane.

  Yes, people. I believe that the advertisement slogans around the world in the past few decades have, somehow rather inexplicably, show us the signs or reveal to us the coming of a new sherbet (in this situation, the F&N Magnolia Sherbet - my favourite is Melon-flavoured) that can (literally) blow your socks off. 

  You sound very dubious about it, I know. You might even think that I am pulling your leg. But allow me to further present some very concrete arguments to this.

1. Reebok says, "I am what I am"

  Who would have thought Reebok would helped Magnolia Sherbet to gain its reputation before the launch? Without giving much thought to its other competitors such as Haagen Dazs or Gelato, F&N Magnolia presented a one-of-a-kind sherbet which is economical in nature. If you think RM 2.80 is not cheap, then I don't know what is.

2. Calvin Klein says, "Between love and madness lies obsession"

  Obsession, yet another scary word. But that is very much true. How obsessive can you NOT be if you dare to push your way through the throng of hundreds over people in Sungei Wang+Bukit Bintang+Lot 10+Fahrenheit 88+Pavilion KL just to get your hands on a cup of F&N Magnolia Sherbet (Melon-flavoured) on a Saturday night?
  There lies the love, the madness and the mother of all feelings - obsession.

3. Pepsi says, "The choice of a new generation"

  The new generation these days would realize how important health-care is. We all swear to eat healthy food; on the other hand, we still writhes in agony if no dessert is included. Guilt-ridden, we dare not to eat one. 

  Fear not. F&N Magnolia Sherbet is an alternative which is just as yummy as ice cream, but without the richness of regular ice cream. And that, to me, is as good as any.

4. Sony says, "Like no other"

  F&N Magnolia Sherbet, a texture lighter and smoother than regular ice cream, and contains real fruit pieces/puree. It’s a refreshing pick-me-up like no other!

and last but not least...

5. McDonald's says, "I'm loving it!"

  I believe the slogan speaks for itself. F&N Magnolia Sherbet (Melon-flavoured), I'm loving it!

  There you have it, people! I know that there will be some people who refuse to believe it, but that is fine with me. Because at the end of the day...

...I'm the one who gets to eat the whole sherbet!!!

-"I chose the road less traveled, now where the heck am I?"-

  The details of the Nuffnang contest is here. My other entry about this contest is here (it is a parody, guys. Be nice to it.)

Thank you all.

The End.

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