_of Stalkers vs. Stalkees

  No. I am not being stalked. I wish I was.

On second thought, I don't think I want it.

  Apparently, my life is so boring/mundane right now, that I have to come up with a random post entry just to liven up my blog.
Very funny.

  It occurs to me that everyone will, even only for once in their life, stalk someone they like/don't like. 

Not this kind. Though I am totally IN LOVE with private detectives these days. 

This kind.

  Yes. I will admit it. I've stalked the Guy of My Life on Facebook before. P.S.: It must be noted that though I think of him as The Guy of My Life, he doesn't think of me like that.  

  That is why I have deactivated my Facebook altogether. Because of karma. Or Cycle of Life, whatever you call it. I believe that what you do unto others, others will do the same to you. 

  Therefore, if I stalk others, there must be stalkers stalking me, too.


No. I don't think the formula works that way in my situation. Sigh.

  I guess it is easier for us to stalk people nowadays. Looks like it is the trend, too. The kind that goes "stalking is the new black" or something. 

Q.L. did this, too. On several occasions. BOTH kind.

  At this juncture, you may ask, what is the purpose of this post then? And I will answer: Nothing. I just thought that maybe, just maybe, it is nice to write something other than what kind of life I have been living. (See above reason)

At some point, I wanna be the ninja.

P.S. At THIS point, you might think of me as someone so freaking-insane. Which I am. Occasionally.

Hey. At least I am cool with it. There are people who won't, you know.

_of Something Currently on My Mind...

Yes, the Guy of My Life, I still remember this.

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