_of Laziness (Part III), on a Sunday and the Whole Week before That

P.S. For previous posts of the "Laziness" theme, read Part I and Part II.

  Let me tell you something. Last night (really, it was night time), Q.L. and I went to Sunway Pyramid. We were very bored at home, so we reckon we could meet some Cool People in Coco Banana to give a dash of spiciness into our lives.

  It was an outright lie. Let's just start again.

  We had dinner in SP last night. Pasta de Gohan is not a bad choice if you like pasta or pilaf for dinner. We would go there once in a while (once in a blue red moon), on account of it being too faraway from the place.

...the Pasta.

...the Pilaf.

...and the we girls.

  Something quite embarrassing happened to me on that fateful night. I tried to forget it, but it was no use. I guess writing it down will somehow help to "ease the pain". :p

  Basically, this is what happens...

It has nothing to do with this picture. But Q.L. did this to me.

  Like I will tell you what exactly happened. Bluehebellrblerrr. It did not help that Q.L. distanced herself 1000 metres from me. I was a plague, wasn't I? =.=!!!

  So, we had a little shopping (I had mine, Q.L. was just too busy provoking me to shop-till-I-drop), coz Monday's classes were all canceled. Money's gone. Wallet's thinned. Life's hardened. Yikes!

  But last week was a hell of fun. We managed to get all K-addicted. With this...

Re-cast: White-shirt chef = Q.L.'s dream guy (too bad he is married). Black-coat owner of a restaurant = MY dream guy. 

  We both like how hilarious the Chef in the drama. I know. It was the scriptwriter's way of writing the storyline. But hey, a girl can dream, can't she???

Chef's eyes. The kind that goes "I-will-kill-you-when-I-see-you" "I-am-watching-you-watching-me".
  And Q.L. and I both fall in love with its song. Kim Jung Ah's You're Cute, from After School, if I am not mistaken. And yep, you guess it right. WE. ARE. CUTE. So, cute girls listen to cute songs? *vomit* (Sigh. There is no one around with a sense of humour anymore.)

  And apparently in the span of two days, I've managed to annoy our tech support guy. I'm sure he would find out who I am, where I live and what I do for a living. Well, he will - sooner or later.

"Mr. Tech Support Guy, you may not win the Friendliest Admin award, but you have won the Most Unsupportive Tech Support ever. Kudos!!!"

Nope. That will not be me.

I hope this happens to him. In my dreams, of course. In my dream.

   And by that time it happens, I am sure that I will be blacklisted from using the Internet service. Well. So much for the people-friendly place to live in.

One more thing... I am sure there is One. More. Thing.

Oh yes.

Guuuesssssss what? Q.L. and I are officially blacklisted in Trust classes. We haven't done ANY of the assignments, were absent from the Exams, and let's pray VERY HARD that we will pass our final exams.

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