_of Laziness (Part II), but Not on a Saturday

  I am being lazy these days. So, I will just summarize what happened to me these few days (to compensate the Sneak Peeks post I wrote a few days ago). 

_of Being with My Niece for Several Hours...

 -> This is her. She is my cousin's youngest daughter, thus making her my niece-in-relative (Err. Does it not?). She is cute, as you can see. Fair, too. Her mother has chinese blood, that is why she looks much more chinese-y than usual. 

 -> She is fond of being hugged, and carried around. Never afraid of strangers, for I have not seen her before. And yet, she is quite "fascinated" by my presence in the house the other day. I managed to steal some pics of her (with the permission of her mother, my cousin) and uploaded them here. 

 -> This is an experiment to demonstrate the size of her fist compared to my forefinger. I know, it is very irrelevant, and such a waste of time. But hey, that is to show how small this baby is. She was only 3 months old that time, and yet, so obedient and SCARY looking. Hahahahhaa...

_of KLCC during a night view...

 -> I took this picture from a taxi's window during our visit to Kinokuniya the other day. I wanted to buy some new books, but there was none, except Coupland's Microserfs which I feel is very Geeky. And yet, I still bought it.

Tecchie! Me? Nah...

  But I like the kind of nerdiness/geekiness told in the book. It made me want to become one, too. Sort of having your own life around, with people just like you. No need to worry about food, other kinds of people, and most importantly, money. There was no money problem, even though the firm was in a state of near bankruptcy. Nice!

 -> A close-up pic of the Twin Tower, I had to wait until the taxi stopped in order to get an okay pic like this. I am, more or less, a dedicated photo-taker. ^_^

 -> This is an abandoned construction site. I know. But look farther away. The background was KLCC. That was my intention - to make KLCC the main attraction of this pic. I know I've failed, big time. 

_of Nearing Christmas

  -> Just some decorated christmas tree we saw in the mall the other day. The difference from the usual trees is that THIS ONE sprinkles snow-like polystyrene stuff from the top. Kind of like snow, really.

P.S.: You know what is REALLY scary? It is the fact that I keep hearing 'Narukooo---" during the time I wrote this post, because of Q.L.'s weird thriller anime that she is watching RIGHT NOW.

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