_of Some Corny Stuffs

Dear You,

Corny stuff starts here...
  I always make this "segment" in a way that makes it like you are reading it first-hand. But I know, for a matter of fact, you will not be reading this (because you do not know the existence of this blog).

  However, you might then be wondering why I continue doing this? Because there is a slight hope in my heart, that you might just read this and know how I feels. But, it does sound like something that is too good to be true.

  And I miss you. Yes, I do.

Corny stuff ends here.


Gross stuff starts here...
  I am not feeling well. Cheesy and spicy foods make me have diarrhoea, I wonder when did it start? (Oh yeah. Since I've met YOU ).  


Corny stuff begins again... Q.L. found out we are quite compatible with each other. *roll eyes* And few minutes later, it stops.

Then sad song starts here...
Watch this. 

  -> Let's end the emo thing here. Or else, I might just wallow in sadness.

_of Some Unrelated Things...

 -> Disclaimer: This does NOT indicate my own true feelings. I do NOT have any "malicious intention" towards anybody in particular. Not even towards Q.L.

*cute, big bespectacled eyes blink blink BLINK*

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