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  Today, we played truant again. Goodbye, Trust (for today, at least). Hello, letter of Absence to my family at home! *roll eyes*

  There is a story for this "damn sarcastic" intonation used for the Absence Letter. We have a lecturer who is VERY fond of sending letters to parents to inform them that their child is always absence from class. The reason why I am against this is because he "selects" who to send the letters to. (Note that I put "-" in the sentence, as I do not know EXACTLY how he decides which students will be sent the warning letter. But as far as I know, my friends and I were absent for around the same time, and yet MY parents were the only ones received the warning letter.)

  Okay, back to the main topic. We wanted to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1) today - it is the first Screening Day.

 -> These are our tickets. We wanted to watch the movie in the afternoon. There is a RM5 difference for students and adults tickets. Many cinema halls are distributed to show the movie, there are at least 12 shows per day. We couldn't even managed to watch Crayon. T_T 

  However, there was plenty of families in 1-Utama. Those screaming kids were making my head hurts, ears hurt, and "even heart also hurts!" So, in the end, we forfeited the tickets, for the very reason that we feel very bad luck today, in addition to the MOB around.

(P.S.: The word "Mob" here is equivalent to the word "family". And the word "family" is equivalent to the word "BIG". At least for today.)

   How worse it was? Food could not seduce me to stay in the mall, not even for 15 minutes.

   Therefore, we stay at home for now. Me, doing this post while Q.L. is busy laughing at some Japanese anime (thriller + horror). Don't ask me why she laughs at them, she is THAT weird.

 -> A close-up pic of our movie tickets. Just to make my heart bleeds more. T_T

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