_of How To Jumpstart the Year of the Bunny (According to Yours Truly)

    Okay. I am so sorry that I did not put a post titled "My New Year Resolutions of 2011 (If Any)" on New Year's Eve/Day/Week/whatever. But I shall do one now, to the same effect as the resolutions, i.e. in my opinion/defence, What-have-I-done-in-the-past-few-days-which-can-be-deemed-as-resolutions,-if-any?

_of *How I Jumpstart my Bunny Year?/What-have-I-done-in-the-past-few-days-which-can-be-deemed-as-resolutions,-if-any?*
*cross as applicable

1. Busy lamenting how much Trust assignments I need to hand-in next week, the latest by Tuesday.

Excuse me for a while. I shall lament...
*cough cough* Wrong pic.
Could be better.

Or maybe I should change it to "wallow" instead?

Yes. Duly noted.

  Let's have a simple mathematical equation here. ("Let's pretend to humour this lackadaisical girl for a while. We might just get a laugh from it." - I know, this is EXACTLY what you thought, did you not?)

When I say "simple", I really meant it.

  Say x is the amount of Trust essays needed to be done in a month. And say we are already four months behind the schedule.

So, x times 4 = 4x

Then, say we put a number into x. Let's say 3.

Ahhh... Now we are in a dilemma.

As usual, the political answer is ALWAYS the desired one. Which in my case, the answer would politically be ZERO.

x = 3.
4x = 0. 

P.S. I shall pray that this politically accurate answer will be received amicably by the (more or less) politically lenient lecturer.

2. Watched a movie premiere

Picture taken on the table of Sushi King in The Curve.

  Oh. Have I told you, my post was one of the 60 posts chosen by Nuffnang to attend the premiere screening of the Season of the Witch starred by Nicholas Cage? Yupe. You can read my entry here but it is just WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too bad that I didn't get the grand prize. I guess I must put on more hard and creative works... Sigh.

  But on the day itself, what was more important to be commented on is the cute Nuffnang staff himself.

I will not say much. Or else, I might just get banned from entering any Nuffnang contest in the future. EVER.

3. Gotten into a big MEGA fight with my Ex

How it started.

How it was in-between. You might want to change that "someone" to "my Ex" or in his opinion, me.

How it ended.

  And then, the position were from an Ex, to "platonic friends", to a "switching sides" strangers, to "just friends", to "I-don't-want-to-talk-to-you-anymore-since-you-are-a-childish-materialistic-selfish-girl".

  Yes. You read that right. The last position was from him, for me. I have stopped at "just friends".

4. Cooking at Home (finally!!!)

My version of cooking. Or what I think, at least.

What Q.L. translates as "balanced diet".

  After a week of experimenting food in the kitchen...

What my version is REALLY like.

What ALWAYS happens right after I have done cooking. Revised casts: son = Me. Nasty, nasty man = Q.L. Mom = an elusive, supernatural being that can be summoned when you have plenty of money in a wallet/purse/bank account.

5. And last, but not least... 

To simplify what happens in a day of a law student itself?

The first hour.

The second hour.

The third hour.

And just before we go back home.

  This is basically what we have EVERYDAY. So, life is good, huh?

_of Some Miscellaneous Things Done Worth Mentioning, too...

It happens once in a while. Enough to make me throw away my phone, cat-fight with Q.L. to near death, and cook food until there is sufficient amount for a country with a population of 800 people.

Budget-limitation as agreed between Q.L. and I.

What I hope will not happen during the flight off on CNY holiday.

Caveat for the upcoming intake. Disclaimer on me, though.

Happy Bunny Year, people!!!  
Remember me when making your own good toast for the new year... ^_^

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