_of In So Many Words... (Part 1-Family)

Part 1: Family

  Everyone has their own family. I know, in any time of your life, you might hear someone next to you or even a stranger passing through the road and sees you being down and all says that they don't have a family. Yes, you might just get a tiny bit of sympathy towards them, but they are lying. Big time.

  It may sounds harsh, but we all have family. Oh wait, you lose me there, don't you? Let's backtrack a bit. Directly taken from the Oxford Dictionaries website, apart from the usual meaning of "family", it also means people having the same ancestry (if you believe in Adam and Eve) or if you are Darwinism deep at heart, then it means coming from the same evolutionary group (ape, anyone?).

[However, I myself think it is funny why people associate Darwinism with apes. Seriously, if evolution is THAT thing, shouldn't it be cells and micro-organisms instead? But let's not distract ourselves.]

  Apparently, I have an excellent, supportive family. Okay, scratch that. Who am I kidding? Of course I have an insanely annoying family. We all do. That is what a family is for. Being crazily irritating and so on. However, as I Grow Up (read: spent lots and lots of my parents' money), I do realize that sometimes (okay, many times), they do support me. They do look after me. And they do love me. 

How much more corny can you get? It's getting cheesier still.

  Though I feel grateful towards them and wouldn't mind kissing the ground they are walking (on second thought, I DO mind kissing the ground they are walking. God knows how many bacterias there is on the floor. Yucks.), more often than not, I do feel the pressure of having to listen to all their advices and suggestions. I mean, ALL.

  Okay, 'fess up. How often are you being threatened by your family or else there will be no allowance for you? How many times have you heard that something is not good for you and yet they  do it? How frequently are you asked to get marry soon with the person they like? (okay, the last question is obviously not depicting my situation. But there are people who do that. Believe me.)

  The question being, how much longer can you follow? To me, till death do us part should NEVER been used for husbands and wives. It should be for the families. But then again, you might want to add more to the sentence slightly: Till death do us part, but then again, maybe not.  

p.s. No disrespect for those who really do care for their family. I salute you.

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