_of Deja Vu, My Secret

Let us start this story with Stewie.

  You know Stewie. You don't? Well, well. Perhaps you would remember The Song?

Lois: It seems today,
That all you see,
Is violence in movies,
and sex on T.V.

Peter: But where are those good old fashion values....

All: On which we used to rely?!
Lucky there's a family guy!
Lucky there's a man who,
positively can do,
all the things that make us...

Stewie: laugh and cry!

All: He's a Fam-ily Guy!

  Still don't? Nevermind, at least I've tried.
But let's just pretend to start from there, shall we?
Cue in...

...and the heavy storm, if you insist.
  A long long long time ago, I had the opportunity to become a Stalker in the Internet, which I believe is in direct contradiction with this post I wrote eons ago.

Iknowwhatyouwannado. Allow me, please. I'm trying to help you save the time.

  After the usual nonsensical beginning of a story...

...like this...

and before you ask me to do this...

  Allow me to give you a rather depressing theory:

"You are one in a million. And there are 6++ billions people on Earth. So, there is the tiny but accurate assumption that there might just be another thousand of you minus one around. Yes?"
  Now, I know you guys would just love to...


...in a WWE-Smackdown! style and...

...by just saying,

I found his doppelganger!

p.s.: Just to mend your heart...

I should just stop the issue already, right?


  1. hehe..nice entry... btw nice blog too and simple.. :)

  2. @pinky_liscious: Thank you. Feel free to come back again! ^_^