_of P.S. Man *squeals the Fan-Girl*

偷心大圣 P.S. 男

  Please allow me a few minutes of becoming a raving lunatic fangirl.

That's...er...the "raving fan-girl".

  And so that you will be forced to watch it, I won't write any review. Enough to say, this drama series gets the rating of...

...4 out of 5 from me!!!

  And just in case you are not persuaded yet...

...maybe this would make you?
  Or just in case that cannot possibly persuade you still, I shall have to show you my personal weapon...

Enough said.


  1. you changed your header, and a meaningful one too!

  2. Yes, found it the other day, thought it was awesome. And voila!

    Haven't seen you for a long time anyway. Missed your blog. Haahahhahaa...